Tayto Park

Tayto Park

  I went to Tayto Park for my summer holidays with Siobhan, Darren and my Mom. There were lots of things to do and see in Tayto Park. It is a very big place and has loads of different kinds of animals and plenty of kids stuff to go on.

We got up early that morning and we had a lovely breakfast in the hotel. After that we did a little shopping in the town and then set off to Tayto Park. The place was so big and there was so much to do. It was a lovely day so we were really lucky.

First of all we walked around to see all the animals and took plenty of photos of them. We then went for a tour in the Tayto factory and saw where all the Tayto’s are made and it was so cool. The factory was very big.

I got a fake tattoo of Mr. Tayto and got a photo taken of me with a hat and holding a gun. We got a key ring and a magnet of the photo. It was great fun. Before we went up we went to the gift shop where we bought lots of nice things. We had dinner and went back to the hotel.

I really enjoyed my trip to Tayto Park, it was great fun and the weather was very good. I loved the hotel and would definitely go back there again.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dylan O’ Shea 3rd Class

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