Meet the Staff

Our school has a caring and committed staff, who hold the well-being of the pupils at the heart of all we do.  The pupils are encouraged to work hard and to achieve well. The children and staff develop strong relationships which thrive and grow through respect and mutual understanding and ‘the combined effort and collegial work…underpins the school’s progress and success’  (WSE, 2006). We want the very best for every child and are committed to helping him to be the best that he can be.  Pupils’ self-esteem is nurtured in a multiplicity of ways that have significant cumulative effects and the teachers are most anxious to promote the social and personal development of their pupils in every respect. The teachers have high expectations for all the boys in their care and every effort is made to assist pupils with specific difficulties (WSE, 2006)

The school currently has: over 100 pupils enrolled, six permanent teachers and three part-time staff.

Teaching Staff   Current Duties
Principal Ms Christine O’Mahony 3rd & 4th class
Deputy Principal Ms Aoife Walsh
Special Duties Teacher Mr Eamon Moynihan 5th & 6th class
Ms Jennifer Mc Carthy 1st & 2nd Class
Ms Nóirin Angland Infants
Ms Geraldine Walsh Support Teacher
Support Staff Ms Denise Stack
Ms Una O Riordan
Special Needs Assistants
Ms Liz Kelleher Secretary
Ms Joan Murphy Cleaner
School Traffic Warden