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Cinquain Poetry

A cinquain is an example of shape poetry. Because of the exact number of words required for each line of this poem, a unique, symmetrical shape is created from interesting, descriptive words.

A cinquain poem can have different forms, but the most common follows a syllable pattern for each line: 2, 4, 6, 8, 2.  We followed this pattern in class to create cinquain poems in groups;

Line 1 – 2 syllables  subject or noun

Line 2 – 4 syllables  adjectives describing the subject

Line 3 – 6 syllables verbs outlining what happens

Line 4 – 8 syllables describes your feelings

Line 5 – 2 syllables original ending




The Snow,

White and freezing

Falling, building, throwing,

Beautiful on the ground outside,





Fun and merry,

Wrapping and opening,

Giving and receiving presents,





Jolly, joyful

Decorating the town,

Spending time with my family,




Cheerful, jolly

Singing, giving, playing,

Throwing snowballs at each other





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A day at the seaside

This is how to have a good day at the seaside.

First,  you need to bring  lunch, swimming togs, a windbreaker,  bucket  and spade and a mat and umbrella.

Then make your lunch and put it in a basket. Pack the car with your equipment. Find a place in the shade, make whilst the sun shines and have a picnic when the weather is good. Reach for the stars and go for a swim. After your swim, you can eat your lunch. You should lthen investigate the beach and see what is on the beach. You should look for seashells on the beach and maybe a rockpool.

This is how to have a good day at the seaside.


By, Kevin McCann rang 2


Rang 2.

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My Pet Pony

My Pet Pony

I have a pet pony and his name is Buttercup. He is grey in colour with a long grey tail. He has a white stripe on his nose. He lives on a farm with my Granddad in Newmarket. He lives in a shed on his own. He eats hay and drinks water. He kicks his hooves against the door to get out. When I get a chance I like to walk around the field with him. I named him Buttercup because he likes buttercups. He is my favourite pet. I will spend a lot of my summer holidays with him.

Danny Roche, Junior Infants

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Last Weekend

Last weekend was exciting.

I was playing in my house until my mom told me to put on my soft, comfy clothes. I put on my clothes wondering where I was going, then my mom said to ” jump in the car”.

We drove to the Astro-turf and then I remembered it was Dylan’s birthday and we played sumos.

Then we played last man standing. When it was over Dylan came to my house.

We all thought it was a fun day and I really enjoyed it.

Sam Mueller, 2nd class

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Newmarket is great

Newmarket is great because there are lots of people you can play with. They are friendly people so you can talk to them. You can have lots of friends.

Newmarket is bad because it is a small town. People throw litter on the ground. It is bad because people have to travel to work and this could take a long time.

Newmarket is great but I wish it was bigger.

By: Ciarán Roche,rang 1

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