Research Zone

The Internet is a collection of millions of pages, linked together to provide all kinds of information to suit everyone’s needs. Clicking on a hyper-link here could take you to a page on a server in China and the next website could take you to another server etc. You get the idea. Researching a project for class, however, can be quite difficult – trying to find just the right type of information you need for your project. It’s a bit like ‘finding a needle in a haystack’ and a hard time searching can add to homework time.  Not a great idea…

That’s where search engines help. You type what you want to find, and the search engine does all the work for you. A great invention! If only they could finish the homework too! It takes practice to get it right though, so here are some of our search engine tips.

On this page, we have some useful search engines to start with, but you may find others better. Please let us know.

Now off you go… and remember to enjoy your web research now.

Ask_for_Jeeves YahooKids
slimekids cbbc_logo
TopMarks quintura

Pupils – why not check out Google Earth and see your house from space.