Halloween Story by Calum Cronin

The 3 Scared Skeletons
Once upon a time, there were 3 skeletons. One was called Jimmy Joints and when he was alive he loved motor biking. One day he tried to do a backflip… You know the rest don’t you? Bobby Bones liked skydiving but one day he fell out of a plane without his parachute! I’d feel bad if I told you the end of that story. Last but not least, Sammy Skull who loved (sort of) his job in the army, but… Oh, it’s a long story!
All of them were buried down in a tomb for one hundred years. They were fed up with it, so they planned to sneak out of their tomb on Halloween night. They waited and waited and waited until Halloween came. They snuck out of their tomb and off they went. When they climbed out of the long staircase from the underworld, Bobby Bones saw a creepy man dressed up as Frankenstein. He screamed at the top of his voice. “Be quiet,” said Jimmy Joints. “It’s only a man dressed up.” “SHUT UP YOU TWO!” shouted Sammy Skull.
After two hours of walking they got to a town called Sunnyville. “Hooray” said Jimmy Joints. First they said they would go motor biking, then they said they would try out sky diving. They agreed not to bother the army.  “I don’t want to go sky diving” said Jimmy Joints. “I don’t want to go motor biking or sky diving” said Sammy Skull. “Let’s go trick or treating!” giggled Bobby Bones happily, and so off they went looking for little boys to scare.  A few minutes later they came to their first house, a little boy opened the door. “Trick or Treat!” shouted Jimmy. The little boy screamed, slammed the door shut in their bony faces and fled. They went to three more houses and the same thing happened again and again. Jimmy Joints got fed up with all the screams. “They are hurting my ear drums” he squealed. “You don’t have any!” laughed Sammy Skull. “Let’s go home” begged Bobby. Just then they saw the man who was dressed up as Frankenstein. They didn’t know the way home so they decided to ask him directions. They walked nervously up to ask him directions. They walked up nervously to the creepy looking man. “Do you know the way back to the graveyard?” asked Bobby. As he turned around to answer him, one of the bolts from his neck fell out and his head fell off!! “Ahhhhhhgh” screamed the 3 skeletons as they turned and ran. They found their tomb 2 minutes later. “I am never leaving this place again!” said Jimmy Joints. The two other bony skeletons agreed and they were never to be seen again.
Written by Calum Cronin, age 7.

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