Website Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new school website on Monday, 29th April ’13.

A sincere thank you to everyone involved, who helped in any way in making the website and its launch a great success.

Joanne O’Riordan: Young Person of the Year 2012, for launching our school website so professionally. Joanne guided her spellbound audience through the website with ease and with so much humour along the way. She also participated at the end in a rigorous question & answer session from the boys, which would put any public figure to the test, as those who attended the launch would confirm. Thank you, Joanne, for all your advice-bytes along the way, which we hope the boys will listen to and heed.
Joanne was born with a condition called Total Amelia (without any of her limbs), whose motto in life of ‘no limbs, no limits’ is an inspiration to all those she meets. She sees every challenge in life as an opportunity to do something new or better.
Beir bua agus beannacht, Joanne!

The pupils: whose articles and contributions make the website so interactive and alive.

The teachers and SNA: who co-ordinated pupils’ articles & class contributions and ensured each pupil was included.

Múinteoirí Humphrey & Jennifer: who organised and co-ordinated the event so successfully. M. Jennifer made a fabric hand-drawn, hand-painted wall mural of our school website, which will be displayed with our website address.

Fr David Herlihy, Chairperson: whose support, at every opportunity, is instrumental in bringing the school to where it is today.

Parents’ Association Committee and Volunteers: who provided refreshments to an audience who filled the school gym to its full capacity…..and who presented Joanne, Eileen O’Connor and Múinteoir Christine with flowers and tokens of appreciation on behalf of the pupils.

Eileen O’Connor: photographer, whose photos will again contribute to our school archive.

John O’Keeffe, Kiskeam, ICT support: who came to M. Christine’s aid with a software issue when designing the site.

Caoimhe: who stood at the web author’s shoulder and trawled each page and article as the website was developed.

Parents, Visitors and Invited Guests : Thank you for coming to support our launch and we sincerely hope you enjoyed your visit. The boys appreciated your participation, interest and support in the launch of their hard work to a world wide audience.

Thanks to the input of principal, Múinteoir Christine, of many members of the teaching and support staff, of pupils and of parents, our new website is up and running! The site has been designed, developed and managed internally in the school and the format used will allow for web material to be updated easily. We will use this site to keep in touch with everyone in the school community.

Please visit our Class Blogs on the right and each classroom will introduce themselves.


Sponsored Walk and Website Launch

Our school had a sponsored walk on 29th April 2013. It was six miles long and took us about an hour and a half to do.

We started walking at ten o clock from our school. We had to walk to the Kerry Road and we then took a right in through a gate which took us to one section of the Island Wood. The scenery was beautiful but a little mucky from the rain that fell the night before. As we walked along near the river, my friends Ben and Darragh got water samples from the river so we could use them in a science project that we are doing at school. We then headed onto the car park of the wood where we were met by the Parents Association of our school with drinks for us; they were so refreshing. A special Thank You goes to them for that. We needed them! After our drinks, we started to head back to school. We were exhausted after it!

At 1:30pm in our school, we had the launching of our school website We had a special guest in our school. Her name is Joanne O Riordan from Millstreet. She went through our website with us and our parents were also there to watch and enjoy our day. Many of our juniors asked many questions of Joanne and she was brilliant the way she was able to answer them and have a bit of fun with us also. Joanne showed us that “Nothing in life is never impossible to do”. We presented her with flowers and a lovely card from all of us and also to Muinteoir Christine. We gave a huge round of applause for all the hard work she did in doing the website.

After all that, we had a fantastic treat of light refreshments. It was a fantastic day.

Rory O’Connor, 5th class


Hi. My name is Ben Daly and today I am doing a recount story on the sponsored walk that was held on last Monday.

When I came to school on Monday morning, I had raised twenty euro. We left the school at half past ten to do the six mile walk through the Island Wood. The younger classes went as far as the Kerry Road. On the road, we could see the school below us in the distance. We kept walking on through the trees and we came into a field. The field was not very big. When we were at the river Ben and Darragh took a water sample. This was to do with learning about river habitats. When we walked to the car park, there was lots of juice for us. We kept on walking and my Dad passed us on the road but he wouldn’t stop!

Finally, we reached the school and Joanne O’ Riordan was there. She launched our school website and she showed us all the pictures and people’s work on it. We asked her lots of questions and she answered all of them. She showed us lots of pictures of One Direction, her favourite band.

When we finished, there were lots of buns, biscuits, sweets, chocolate and brownies. There was also cake. It was delicious.

In conclusion, I think the walk was very good and it was very nice to meet Joanne O’ Riordan and I will never forget this day as long as I live.

Ben Daly, 5th class


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