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Making Butterflies


My Butterfly

We made butterflies in school today and this is how I made mine.

First, I got a piece of paper with the outline of a butterfly.

Then, I wrote my name on the back of the butterfly.

After that I started to break up the crepe paper and stick it onto the butterfly using the glue. We used all different colours of crepe paper. I used green, blue, red and yellow.

I drew a smiley face on my butterfly and then I picked out googly eyes. I stuck the googly eyes onto the butterflies with glue.

I got a lollipop stick and glued it to the back of my butterfly.

After we finished the butterflies we hung them up in hallway so everyone could see them.

By Aaron Casey, Senior Infants

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How are pancakes made?

How are pancakes made?

We made pancakes on pancake Tuesday. They are my favourite food for breakfast. This is how pancakes are made.

First, you have to put two cups of flour into a bowl.

Next, you crack one egg into a cup and whisk.

Then, you pour a cup of milk into the egg and mix. My mom puts syrup into it too!

After that, you put the egg and milk into the flour and then you start to mix.

After mixing the mix, you heat the frying pan and put oil into the frying pan and add in the pancake mixture. When it is cooked you then flip over the pancake.

Finally, when the pancake is cooked, you put it on the plate and eat it. Yum!

Jamie Cronin, Senior Infants

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How to make a Windmill


How to make a windmill

Toilet roll





I brought in a toilet roll from home.

I painted the toilet roll red and then I let it dry.

I cut out the blade of the windmill.

I stuck the blade onto the windmill.

I stuck on a door and two windows.

When the windmill was finished I took it home. All of my family really liked it.

I liked making windmills.


Jack Barry, junior infants

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How does a bicycle work ?

A bike is an object that you peddle to get from (a) to (b). It has a metal frame two wheels and handlebars to steer with.
A bicycle is made from different parts, such as a steel frame, two rubber tyres, a chain and two peddles.
The chain is wrapped around two gears which allows you to turn the back wheel when you peddle.
People cycle bicycles for pleasure, sport and for keeping fit as well as a form of transport.
Many people all over the world depend on bicycles as their main form of transport, a bicycle is cheap to purchase and maintain but best of all it doesn’t cost anything to run it.
Many people believe that the bicycle was invented by Ernest Michaux in 1861, but it proved to be one of the most important inventions in history. Bicycles are as popular today as when they were first invented.
Stephen Murphy McAree 4th Class

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What is Bread ?

Bread is a type of food you can eat. The main ingredients in bread are flour, water and yeast. All the ingredients are mixed well together and then baked in a hot oven.
There is a wide variety of breads all over the world. In Ireland soda bread and brown bread are popular breads. In Australia soda bread is popular and in Japan small loaf bread is popular.
Yeast is one of the ingredients used for making bread. Yeast has 1,500 species the species used in food production is called sarchaomyces cerevisiale. When yeast is mixed with water and flour and put in a hot oven to bake bread the yeast makes it rise because of the heat.
Bread has been around for thousands of years. People first started to experiment with grains and water or grain flour these made a kind of flatbread. Nowadays these are lots of types of breads and even machines that make bread.
Bread is used in a lot of different kinds of meals such as sandwiches, pizza the base of pizza is made of dough. Some people put bread in stuffing. Some pancakes and toast are made from bread and there are many more foods made from bread.
Bread is the one food eaten all over the world by all different races, culture and religion. Bread has become a fixture in religious rituals. The ancient Egyptians used mouldy bread to treat infections.
Darren Murphy 4th Class

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