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Our Christmas Wishes


Our Christmas Wishes

Fifth & Sixth Class, Newmarket Boys NS


Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish this year is that the homeless people around Ireland and foreign countries can have a warm meal this year and presents from you. Also, I would like if people in hospitals can get the medical attention they need and help them make a full recovery this Christmas. Furthermore, I would like some presents to go to charities for the homeless and the Hope Foundation and other great charities around Ireland and other countries.

This is my Christmas wish this year.

Merry Christmas!

Shane Doody 5th class



Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish for this year is that my family and I could work in unison to make our house and the surrounding area look vibrant with the colours of Christmas. There could be little reindeers in the yard with Santa looking over them checking that they are having fun and helpful little elves by Santa’s side. There could be Christmas lights in every tree to make it look effervescent. I wish that we could have different colours of tinsel hanging all over the house. I wish that we could have various different colours and shapes of baubles all across the tree to give our house that magical, Christmas feel. I would love if there could be Christmas lights on every wall to get us all in the Christmas mood. I wish that we could have a Christmas tree that could be as tall as the ceiling with as many branches as possible on it so we could decorate it with Christmas trinkets; it could be the most beautiful tree in all of Cork! I would love if there could be a Holy Angel on top, to remind us that Christmas is really all about the birth of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

However, my most important wish is that I could spend quality time with my loving family as between school and work we don’t really get to sit down by the table and tell each other about what has been happening in our lives and they are my favourite people in all the world.

Rory Lynn, 6th class




Dear Santa

This year my Christmas wish is that young kids who have no homes or kids that are fostered get gifts like all the other kids around the world and put a smile on their faces. I hope people who are sick or are in hospital will be able to have a lovely Christmas like use all. I hope teachers, people who work hard all year and last but not least the people of the community have a lovely Christmas.


Gavin Fleming, 5th class



Dear Santa,

Hope you have had a great year. I hope globe warming has not affected the North Pole. I think I am growing up and learning to behave. During the year I cannot name all the good things I have done but there are still a few problems. This year, along with getting presents, I have a few wishes to make. I want the less fortunate to receive their presents first. I would like to see every child with a smile on their face. I would like the less fortunate to have a roof over their head. I would like everyone, either working or staying in hospitals, to be safe at Christmas. I wish that everyone will have something to eat or drink. For myself, could we please have a white Christmas here in Ireland?!

Eoin Goggin, 5th class




Dear Santa,

This year my Christmas Wish is that you could give a present to a poor child who does not have as much as I do.  Many other children and I have all the things we could ask for. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for some kids. Some have no toys or even a home. So Santa, my Christmas Wish is that you could give a present to a poor child and put a smile on their face this Christmas.

Kevin Daly, 6th Class




Dear Santa,

This year my Christmas wish is to get presents and to have a great Christmas overall. However, I also want the less fortunate people to have a great Christmas too. These people are homeless and orphans. I would love to see them all happy at Christmas as they have tough lives. I hope they all have plenty of food to eat and can experience a Christmas to remember, with toys to play with. Most people don’t know how lucky they are compared to the less fortunate people all around the world.

Cathal O Riordan, 5th Class




Dear Santa,

My wish for Christmas is that the children, who live in orphanages, will get adopted and I wish that people who are fighting in wars will survive. I wish that the homeless families will find a hotel to stay in and have a lovely Christmas. I wish for a White Christmas with plenty of snow so that my Dad Chris and I could make a snowman and play chess. If I get a LEGO Star Destroyer from you he could also make it with me. My sister Ella wants a Qurio and can you please give one to her because that would be great (please keep this a secret!)

Charlie Saville, 5th class



Dear Santa ,

For Christmas I wish that the homeless will have food, presents and warmth. I hope people that have lost family members will be ok over the Christmas. I hope they will not be too sad.

I also hope that you can bring me a Farming Simulator 17 Steering Wheel. My brother would like to get a PS4 and my sister would like a doll. That is all I want for Christmas.

Enjoy the festive season!

Conor Kelly, 5th class




Dear Santa,

I have just two wishes this year. My first wish is, if you have time, would you please stop by every refugee camp and orphanage and give them the finest toys that could be made such as pool tables, plastic dolls, some board games and electrics like phones and consoles and also video games for them to play on the consoles.

For me, I would love if you could get me a Lenovo tablet. But can I give you a bit of advice? Do not tie it up loose in your bag because if you do it might hit off the chimney and chip the tablet – that would be a disaster!

Brion O’ Keeffe, 5th class




Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want it to snow because it has not snowed in years. I think a lot of people would like it to snow to. My two brothers want it to snow too! My other wish is that the children who have no families will have some people to care for them this year, by giving them food and presents.

Oran Moynihan, 6th Class





Dear Santa,

This Christmas I want it to be the best yet. I wish I could get a PS4 and Fifa 17 and 18. The only reason I want it is because my x-box360 is old and GameStop don’t sell any games for it. I wish I can give some of my old toys to charity. I also wish that my family will be nice to each other and that we can sit on the couch by the fire eating sweets and watching Christmas movies. Also, there is one more thing I really want – please make this year a white Christmas!

Cillian Saville, 5th Class



Dear Santa,


My Christmas for this year,

Is to sing a song for all to hear,

I’ll play my guitar, and I’ll sing with my heart,

Now that’s how I’d like my Christmas to start


Joe McAuliffe, 6th Class




Dear Santa,

This Christmas I want most of the injured and ill to be able to come out of the hospital in time for Christmas and for all families around the world to spend quality time together in front of the fire

Colin O’ Leary, 5th class.



Dear Santa,

My Christmas Wish is to go to England to see my cousins who live in London. Their names are Anne, Ryan, Glenn, Zoe. The others are Pat, Cian and Saoirse. Anne got a new dog and he is a German Shepherd. Pat already has a dog. The last time I met them was two or three years ago.

This is my Christmas Wish

Anthony O Donovan , 5th class.



Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish this year is to get many gifts such as Zombie Island 2, Bluetooth wireless headphones in the colour  white, a Territorial Blues jersey and also Assassins Creed Origins .I also have another wish – that all the less fortunate people around the world will have a good Christmas, spending time with their families.

Aidan Buckley, 5th Class



Dear Santa,

I hope this Christmas all the less fortunate families around the world will be able to spend time together and receive all the presents they asked Santa Claus for.

Jack Moynihan, 6th Class




Dear Santa,

My Christmas wishes are that all the homeless people will get a hotel or a B&B to stay in, a white Christmas with lots of snow, I wish to spend as much time with my family and to cook Christmas dinner with my Dad.

Dara Weathers, 5th Class




Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish is to sit down with my family, eat a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and watch Christmas movies such as Home Alone, Miracle on 23rd street and Elf. I hope for a tasty Christmas dinner. I want all the sick children who need medical attention to get the help they need.

(I would also appreciate a LEGO TITANIC)

Ben Walsh, 6th Class




Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish this year is to do the one thing that makes Christmas what it is; sitting down in front of the warm, crackling fire while snow is falling outside, watching Christmas movies and exchanging gifts with my family, eating chocolates and not having breakfast until 2pm. This is a recipe for a joyful Christmas in my family, and I hope for everyone else to enjoy Christmas as much as I do, no matter who they are or what they’re doing. In my opinion, everyone, including the homeless and the hungry, should have a chance to enjoy this wonderful holiday.

Calum Cronin, 5th Class




 This year my Christmas wish is for a beautiful, white Christmas for all my friends and family to have fun in.

I also wish that the homeless are kept warm and have food to eat.

My third wish is that all the kids will get what they asked for this Christmas.

My final wish is that all the unhealthy and sick people get better and be able to celebrate this Christmas with their families.

Aidan Higgins, 5th class




Dear Santa,

This year I want it to snow so I can play in it and have a snowball fight with my sister. What I want most for Christmas is to not get bored by twelve o’clock because most of the time I’ll end up sitting down and watching television. I also want a say in the decorations because my mom and sister don’t give me a say every year!

                                                                            Graham Cottrell, 6th Class


Dear Santa,

This year, my Christmas wish is that I will enjoy myself over the holidays with my family. I wish that families who are less fortunate than me will also have a great Christmas and for those who are homeless to have a roof over their head. If you have a chance, please stop at an orphanage or refugee camp and deliver presents to some poor kids. My final wish is that it will snow this year because it hasn’t snowed for a few years. In my opinion the most magical part of Christmas is when it snows.

Ronan Brosnan, 5th class




I hope I get what I asked Santa for this Christmas; a Lamborghini car, an Elf on the Shelf, an Nintendo Switch and a PS4. I wish that my dog gets a lovely bed to sleep on, treats and a Christmas hat. For my fish, a big bowl with a filter and rocks.

I wish that the kids with no homes get a place to stay and that everybody who is in hospital gets a present.

Christian Barry, 5th Class



Dear Santa,

My Christmas Wish this year is that the poorer people in the world get what they want. I hope to spend a happy Christmas with my family, sitting down in front of the fore, watching movies and eating sweets. I hope we have a nice Christmas dinner. I would love to receive a desk this year.

Eoin O Driscoll, 5th Class




Confirmation Class 2016

On April 21st, the boys and girls in Newmarket parish received their Confirmation. Bishop William Crean was in attendance, along with our parish priest Fr. Manning and Fr. Jackie Corcoran.

We researched our Saint’s name for our Confirmation in school and wrote a short report on our chosen Saint.

Saint Andrew

Andrew was the first disciple of Christ. Andrew’s trade was a fisherman. He was first recognised as an official patron saint of Scotland. He is also the patron saint of Greece, Russia, Romania and Barbados. His patronage extends to fishmongers, gout, singers, sore throats, spinsters, maidens, old maids and women wishing to become mothers. The name Andrew means strong and someone who also had good social skills.

                                               By Michael Lane

Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony was born in 1195. He was a Portuguese, Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan order. He was born and raised by a wealthy family in Lisbon, Portugal and died on 13/6/1213 in Padua, Italy aged 35. Noted by contemporaries for his forceful preaching and expert knowledge on scripture, he was the second most quickly canonised Saint after Peter of Verona. He was proclaimed doctor of the church on the 16/1/1946. He is also the patriot Saint of finding things or lost people.

                                                        By Ben O Doherty

Saint Cian

Saint Cian was a Celtic saint who lived in Wales in the sixth  century. He ended his life as a hermit. Saint Cian is sometimes described as a servant of Saint Perris. Finally there is a church dedicated to him in Llangian.  His feast day is the 11th of December

By Jerry Daly

Saint Dominic

Saint Dominic in Spanish is Santo Domingo, also known as Dominic of Osma and Dominic of Caleruoga. He was born in 1170. From 1170 to August 6th 1221 Dominic was a Spanish priest and founder of the Paminicon Order. Dominic is the Saint of astronomers.

By Kieran Angland

Saint Jamie

Saint Jamie Hulario was born in 1898 to 1937. Saint Jaime’s Feast day is January 18th. Saint Jamie was raised near the Pyrenees mountains and he joined the seminary at the age of 12. When his hearing began to fail in his teens he was sent home. He joined the brothers of the Christian schools at the age of 19, entering the novrate in 1917 at Irun, Spain taking the name Jaime Hilario. Jaime was imprisoned in July 1936. He was convicted in 1937 for being a Christian brother. Two rounds of bullets from a firing went straight at his chest but they did not kill him. The commander then murdered Jaime with five shots at close range.

By Darren Murphy

Saint James

James is the English form of the Latin name Lacomus. The meaning of the name James is supplanter. James was son of Zebedee and was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. He is considered to be the first apostle who was martyred. He died on 44AD in Jerusalem, Israel.

By Ryan O Flaherty


Saint Joseph

I am choosing this name because my brother’s name was Cody and his middle name was Joseph. I want to remember him by choosing St Joseph as my Confirmation name.

Joseph was born in 90 BC in Bethlehem and sources believe he died in July 20th AD 18 in Nazareth.

Joseph, Mary’s husband, was a great man and he worked as a carpenter. He loved and cared for his family, Mary and Jesus. During Joseph’s life an Angel came to him in his dreams and asked him to do many things, which he always did.

Joseph is the patron Saint of dying, of the Universal Church, families, fathers, pregnant women, travelers, immigrants, house sellers and buyers, craftsmen, engineers and working people in general. We celebrate two feast days for Joseph: March 19th, for Joseph the Husband of Mary, and May 1st for Joseph the worker.

By Ethan Hourigan

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph is a figure in the Gospel, the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary who was the mother of Jesus. Christians place Joseph as the foster father of Jesus. During his life an angel appeared to him, telling him to do many things and he did them. He was a very caring person that loved his family. He is the patron saint of dying, of the universal church, families, fathers, pregnant women, travellers, immigrants, house sellers and buyers, craftsmen, engineers and working people in general. He was born in 90 B.C and died in A.D 18.

                                                                            By Pete Goggin

Saint Mark

The feast day of Saint Mark is celebrated on April 25th. St Mark was born into a Jewish family. Mark was the man who brought water to the house where the Last Supper took place. It is believed that St Mark was present at the wedding at Cana. He was born on the 1st century AD and died on the 8th of May 68 AD. He is the patron Saint of barristers, Egypt, Venice and Mainar.

By Ronan O Driscoll

Saint Mark

Saint Mark is the confirmation name I have chosen. I choose Mark because it is the name of my first cousin. Saint Mark was an author. His feast day is on the 25th of April. He is a patron of notaries. He wrote the second Gospel. He was one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus. There is a church in his honour in Dublin.

By Dylan o Shea


Saint Martin

Saint Martin was born in Lima, Viceroylta of Peru on the 9th of December 1579. He is the patron Saint of mixed-race people, barbers, innkeepers, public health workers, and all those seeking racial harmony. He died at the age of 59 on November the 3rd 1639.

By William Cronin

Saint Nelius

Neluis’s feast day is September 16th. Saint Nelius was badly treated at a young age. He became a Roman priest and then became Pope in the third century. I picked the name Saint Nelius because I wanted to remember my Grandfathers by having their names as part of my own. My full name will now be Daniel Patrick Nelius O Leary.

By Daniel O Leary

Saint Patrick                                                                                      

Saint Patrick was a fifty century Ramano, British, Christian Missionary and Bishop in Ireland. Known as the Apostle of Ireland, he is the primary patron saint of Ireland, along with Brigit of Kildare and Columbia. The reason that I picked the name Saint Patrick was because I have an uncle called Patrick.

By Adam Murphy

Saint Patrick

St Patrick was born in England but lived in Ireland. St Patrick’s Day is the 17th March. He drove the snakes out of Ireland. He died in Saul, County Down. There are a lot of places and statues named after him. He worked in Wales for a time and he minded sheep in Ireland. When he was 16 he was captured by Irish pirates.

By Jack O Connor

Saint Timothy

Timothy was a timid, affectionate, young man and a faithful follower of St. Paul. He was a  part of the early church. His feast day is January 26th.

He died a martyr in the year 97 AD. Because of his frail health he is the patron of those with stomach disorders. I chose the name Timothy after my uncle who is my Godfather.

                                                  By Aaron Walsh

St Christopher

One of the reasons I am picking the name Christopher for my confirmation name is because originally I was supposed to be called Christopher and I really like the name. He was killed under the emperor Deicus in 251 A.D.

By Stephen Murphy McAree

St. James the Greater

St. James was born in Bethsaidia. The name James means a supplanter. James’s father was Zebedee and his brother was John the Evangelist, who baptised Jesus. James and John were both part of the apostles. James was the first apostle to be martyred. He is now saint of all pharmacists, equestrians and vets. He is also the patron saint of Spain. James died in 44AD.

By Hugh O Connor

St John

St John is a patron of love, loyalty, friendships and authors. St John was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus and was the son of Zebedee and Salome. I picked John as my Confirmation name because that was my granddads name that died.

By Kalem Browne

St Martin

Saint Martin de Pores was born on December 9th 1597. Martin was the son of a Spanish gentlemen. When Martin was 15 he asked for admission into the Dominic by the prior Rose Lima and was moved up to church officer, who is in charge of giving money to the  poor. In January 1639, when Martin was 60yrs old, he became very ill with fevers and tremors causing him a lot of pain. He passed away on November 3 1639.

By Troy O Donoghue

St. Thomas

I picked the name St Thomas because my grandfather’s name is Thomas and he is a great grandfather. St Thomas was born a Jew and his feast day is the 3rd of July. He was born before the establishment of the Catholic Church. He was a dedicated but impetuous follower of Christ. Thomas is best known for his role in verifying the Resurrection of his Master. Thomas was killed when a fowler shot at a peacock but accidentally hit Thomas.

By Brian Hubbard


Thomas was born a Jew and was one of the Twelve Apostles. He is the patron Saint of architects. His birth and death dates are unknown and his feast day is on July the 3rd. At the Last Supper Jesus told Thomas and the Disciples that he would make them priests.

                                                                                  By Matthew O’Connor


The Meaning of Saint Christopher.

Saint Christopher is one of the most popular yet most enigmatic Catholic figures. The name Christopher means Christ- bearer and may allude to the legend of the man carrying the Christ Child across the river. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and of children. His feast day is July 25th.

The Saint Christopher medal is worn by members of the Catholic Church as an appeal to Saint Christopher. Catholics believe he will bless them and protect them from storms and other hardships they may encounter.


By Dylan O Flynn



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First Communion 2014


On Saturday the 17th of May 2014, second class celebrated their First Holy Communion. This amazing sacrament is a milestone of their time in the Boys School. It was an honour to witness them receiving the Eucharist for the first time, and then praying earnestly afterwards. Fr. Herlihy did a beautiful job preparing these children for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion and I would like to thank him for the wonderful ceremony.
Everyone involved took the process very seriously, and the fruits of their labour were witnessed on Saturday as 21 young children reverently and prayerfully received the sacrament for the first time.
I would like to take this opportunity to also thank Múinteoir Christine, the parents of the children, the choir who sang so beautifully, Carmel Fehin, Mrs. Norma Stritch, Teresa for the stunning flowers, the sacristan Kathleen and the altar servers.
Every successful occasion and achievement depends on a community of persons working together and this was no exception.
The boys who received Communion were:
Rory Lynn
Oran Moynihan
Kevin Daly
Joe McAuliffe
Jack Moynihan
Graham Cottrell
Daniel O’Sullivan
Ben Walsh
Congratulations everyone!!

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Service of Light 2014

Final EH uploadService of LightService of Light 22Jesus once said, “You are the light of the world. Your light must shine in the sight of all people, so that, seeing your good works, they may praise your Father in heaven”.
Service of Light
When children are baptised, their parents take a light from the Pascal Candle as a sign of the faith that they are going to hand on to their children. It is also a sign of the help and support they are going to give their children as they try to live out the faith in their lives.

During the Service of Light, the children took this light from their parents. This is a sign that they are taking on the responsibility for their own faith and parents were asked to continue to help and support their children in taking on this responsibility.
Gospel of Matthew
You are a light for the whole world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. No-one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead he puts it on the lamp stand where it gives light for everyone in the house. In the same way your light must shine before people so that they will see the good things you do and praise your father in heaven.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Fr. Herlihy for giving of his time to prepare the children for the sacrament of Confirmation. The ceremony was steeped in poignant symbolism. It reinforced and consolidated the message of ‘passing on the faith’ to a new generation and made it very special for all in attendance. It is through ceremonies such as this that we are fed with knowledge and understanding of God.



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St. Patrick

St Patrick was captured by Niall of the Nine Hostages in Wales when he was six years old. He was sold to a farmer called Milchu in Antrim. He had to be a slave and mind pigs.

One night, God came to him in a vision. God said there was a boat waiting for him in Waterford. He escaped and went to find the ship. The captain of the potato ship said ‘This boat isn’t for slaves, it’s for spuds’. The captain tried to leave but a storm kept stopping him. God made the storm happen so that Patrick could escape. The captain let him on the ship and they sailed to France. He sometimes had to eat the pigs’ food because he was hungry. He had to sleep with the pigs and sheep but he couldn’t sleep because they made too much noise.

Patrick became a priest and then a bishop. He returned to Ireland to tell them all about God. He was able to speak Irish. When St. Patrick came to Ireland, he lit a fire and the King of Ireland didn’t like it. He was meant to light the fire.  They were pagans and they didn’t understand that God was the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. He used shamrock to explain. He is said to have gotten rid of the snakes from Ireland.

St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. We have parades and festivals to celebrate St. Patrick every year. In Dublin, American marching bands fly over to take part in the parade. The festival is on the 17th of March, as that is the day he died.

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