Parents’ Association & Roles


Our school is very fortunate to have a long tradition of parental involvement in the school and an active, co-operative and supportive Parents’ Association (PA) who works so diligently on behalf of our pupils. Our PA was first formed in 1997 and is affiliated to the National Parents’ Council. Our Parents’ Association works with the principal, staff and Board to build effective partnerships between home and school and this provides a rewarding and supportive learning environment for pupils. Parents are automatically members of the Parents’ Association and all parents are encouraged to become actively involved in the Parents’ Association Committee who represents parents.

The Parents’ Association contributes to the formulation of school policy documents in its capacity as a partner in education. Its involvement is also reflected in the fundraising, organised by the Committee, which is done to benefit all children and this is reflected in the equipment and activities provided for the pupils. Your generous contributions have enhanced every aspect of school life in our school. While fundraising is a significant role of the Parents’ Association, the emphasis is predominantly on the social aspects of the various events to encourage involvement by pupils and families. An account of these is provided on the relevant pages throughout this website.

PA Contribution to the school

The Parents’ Association is involved in many facets of school life and provides support in many ways. It helps in:

  • Collaborating with the Principal and Board of Management on policy review and development e.g. Homework, Anti-bullying, Attendance, Voluntary Contribution, etc.
  • Fundraising to support provision of resources and activities for pupils, eg. Healthy Eating day, Literacy schemes, etc.
  • Supporting the Principal and staff when providing a broad and varied curriculum to pupils, eg. Reading initiatives, sports events, etc.
  • Inviting speakers to address the parents on issues which are topical or relevant eg. Internet, cyber bullying, etc.
  • Organising and/or suggesting extra-curricular activities, eg. School plays, carol service etc.
PA Committee

Parents’ Association Committee members are elected each year at the A.G.M. which is held in September/October. All parents are encouraged to attend this meeting. These members then elect officers of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer at their first official meeting together. If any new parents wish to know more about the Parents’ Association, they are encouraged to contact a committee member listed here:

Chairperson:  Mr Jerry Daly
Secretary:    Ms Helen McAuliffe
Treasurer:    Ms Patricia Lofts
The Chairperson or The Secretary,
Parents’ Association,
C/o Newmarket Boys’ School,
Newmarket, Co. Cork
Committee members:
Alison Fitzpatrick
Anna Cronin
David Jones

Bernie Walsh – BoM nominee.
Mick Lynch – BoM nominee.

Summary of Parents’ Association Committee’s officers’ roles

The role of the Chairperson

  • Chairs all meetings,
  • Liaises with secretary for each agenda,
  • Correspondence with the school is by the secretary or chairperson.

The role of the Secretary

  • Correspondence with the school is by the secretary or chairperson,
  • Keeps minutes of each meeting which are dated and signed by the chairperson & secretary,
  • Keeps all PA phone numbers to send reminders of meetings & upcoming events,
  • Correspondence with Insurance, NPC etc.

The role of the Treasurer

  • Accounts to be finished for year end 31st August,
  • Gives copies to BOM & current members of the PA Committee,
  • Gives copy of accounts at each PA meeting,
  • Maintains receipts for money collected and paid out.

The Parents’ Association is not a forum for complaints against an individual teacher, principal or another parent, and the PA Committee is not in a position to process any type of complaint. The ‘Complaints Procedure’ is the appropriate system for this and details can be found in the School Information booklet provided to all families.