Child Protection Letter to Parents

Child Protection


Dear Parents/Guardians, 

In recent years, issues of child abuse through neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse of the child have become common in Ireland, with neglect being the most common form of abuse.

Each one of us has a duty to protect children and the Children First, National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children noted that teachers, who are the main care givers to children outside the family, are particularly well placed to observe and monitor children for signs of abuse. As a school, we have an obligation to provide pupils with the highest possible standard of care in order to promote their well-being, and protect them from harm.

The Board of Management recognises that child protection and welfare considerations permeate all aspects of school life and must be reflected in all of the school’s policies, practices and activities. Consequently, in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Education and Skills’ Child Protection Guidelines and procedures for primary schools, the Board of Management and Staff of Newmarket Boys School have welcomed and adopted these guidelines as school policy. These guidelines promote the safety and welfare of all children.

Consequently, if school staff suspect or are alerted to possible child abuse, they are obliged to follow procedure outlined in the Child Protection school policy and the school will refer this matter to the Health Service Executive (HSE). The HSE will then assess the situation and provide support for the child concerned.

This reporting is done by the Designated Liaison Person [DLP].

Every school must have a senior member of staff who fulfils this role.

In this school the Designated Liaison Person is Christine O’Mahony, Principal

In this school the Deputy Designated Liaison Person is Humphrey Murphy, Deputy Principal

Children First, the National Guidelines for the Protection of Children may be accessed on the website of the Department of Health and Children or Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs and the Department of Education and Skills Child Protection Guidelines can be read on the Department’s website   Parent/Guardians are also welcome to look through the guidelines and our school policy here at the school.


The Stay Safe programme is the primary resource used in this school to provide education for children on abuse prevention. The programme is taught as part of the schools’ SPHE curriculum under the strand unit ‘Safety and Protection’.  A copy of the Stay Safe ‘A Parent’s Guide’ is given to parents as part of the enrolment pack and is also available on the Stay Safe website:

Le gach dea-ghuí,

Christine O’Mahony, Principal