Child Protection Letter to Parents

Child Protection

30th  April, 2018

In accordance with the Department of Education Circular 0081/2017, Child Protection Procedures for Primary & Post Primary Schools 2017 and
Tusla’s Children First National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare for children  
the Board of Management of Newmarket Boys’ School has a Child Safeguarding Statement and a Child Risk Assessment in place.  

These are available for viewing on our school website  I strongly advise every parent to familiarise yourself with these documents and the circular & procedures above.  

Schools have a statutory requirement to keep pupils safe from harm.  All teachers are mandated persons who must report Child Protection concerns of harm to Tusla and/or An Garda Síochána.

Harm is defined in the Act (Section 2) as:-
–  Assault, ill treatment or neglect of the child in a manner that seriously affects or is likely to seriously affect the child’s health, development or welfare or
–  Sexual abuse of a child – whether caused by a single act, omission or circumstance or series or combination of acts, omissions or circumstances, or otherwise.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to protect children and young people and to do our best to keep them safe.  Despite our best efforts, we cannot, unfortunately, prevent all abuse from taking place. What we can do is work together to help make our children’s lives safer.”

(Dr. Katherine Zappone, TD)

Christine O’Mahony, Principal
on behalf of the Board of Management