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Welcome to our Students’ Zone

In this section “Students’ Zone” and in the “Categories” section on the right side-menu, you can read about the pupils, about their work and generally get to know them…

We want our website to be interactive as much as possible. Each menu label contains a hyper-link to a page or post that contains pupils’ work /articles, as well as links to websites that are fun and engaging, while at the same time educational. We especially hope to build on this section each year, and include work by students who wish to write for a wider audience. All articles were written during the school year, collated, and entered into the website for publication this term. The ‘Search’ option can be used to seek a specific topic, category or group.

Publishing a student’s writing encourages the writer, strengthens his self-confidence, rewards interest, and promotes a positive attitude toward literature. Like footballers, hurlers or musicians, writers learn by doing. Good writing requires the same kind of dedicated commitment that those people put in – practice. Once upon a time, the writing process looked like this: create a rough draft or mind-map, write, revise, rewrite, then illustrate and the polished final copy of his work is displayed in the school corridor or classroom.

Motivating children to master the writing process is a challenge as old as perfecting handwriting on lined copies with HB pencils.  Nowadays, teachers strive to give students authentic purpose for writing and to allow their work to be shared with others beyond the classroom boundaries and homework copies. Publishing pupils’ work can be a very powerful motivator. Since 2000, publishing our pupils’ magazine “Bitz ‘n’ Pieces” made the writing more real because students were writing about selected topics and the interests that were important to them. Writing for an audience, your child begins to feel — and write — like a real writer. With our school website, the publishing process will again make their writing commendable— each article becoming a public piece of work, worthy of reading.