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School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Should we wear school uniforms?

I think that we should wear our school uniforms. I have a lot of reasons why we should. Firstly, the uniform looks nice and smart. I like the colour of our school uniform. The uniform is nice and warm in the winter and we can wear our blue t-shirts when it is warm. Also the school uniform is very comfy to wear. Some of the boys don’t want to wear their school uniform because they want to show people their new clothes. But I don’t agree, because then the boys won’t look like they are a part of our school. Finally, I think we should wear our school uniforms as we are all in the same school.

By Brian Moynihan, Senior Infants

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School Uniforms



Should children wear school uniforms ?

I think that children should wear school uniforms. If children were allowed to wear ordinary clothes to school it would be very expensive for parents as children would want to wear different clothes every day. If they wear school uniforms they would wear the same clothes every day. Children might be bullied if they wear different clothes because they might be competing with each other. I think it is safer to wear school uniforms especially if we go on a trip. When we have uniforms on people will know where we come from if we get lost.

I think children should wear school uniforms because it is better.

Aaron Lofts, junior infants

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Newmarket is fantastic

Newmarket is a lovely, busy town and I live there.

Newmarket town consists of good schools and restaurants.

Newmarket has a big population and people help each other.

Newmarket is a fantastic town and I love living there.


Josh o Sullivan,rang1

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Homework is important

I think homework can be very important because it helps me to learn but there should not be too much homework given.

Homework is educational and it helps you to learn and it can be fun like when we do live maths on the computer.

Homework can be a bit long and it can be  a bit difficult and it might take a very long time so I don’t like that.

Homework is very good if they don’t give us too much.

By Colin Lehane, rang 2

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School Tour 2014

School Tours are the best because you get to participate in lots of activities, you can eat lots of sweets, you can hang out with your friends and most importantly there is no school.
Yesterday we went on our school tour to the University of Limerick. We went on a water slide, swimming, played soccer, archery, the wrecking  ball, an obstacle course, twiser, bouncing castles and played water games. All these activities were brilliant and this is why we think School Tours are wonderful.
School Tours are brilliant and we can’t wait for next year to go somewhere new and exciting.
Please look in the Gallery under School Trips to see pictures from our Tour.
We would give this tour 5*.

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