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Newmarket is great

Newmarket is great because there are lots of people you can play with. They are friendly people so you can talk to them. You can have lots of friends.

Newmarket is bad because it is a small town. People throw litter on the ground. It is bad because people have to travel to work and this could take a long time.

Newmarket is great but I wish it was bigger.

By: Ciarán Roche,rang 1

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The life cycle of a Butterfly

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

First I got a piece of paper with pictures. There was a picture of a leaf, a picture of egg and leaf, a picture of a butterfly and picture of cocoon. Then I coloured in the pictures. I got a second sheet with four boxes. In each box I wrote down a different part of the life cycle. In the first box I wrote a leaf, in the second box I wrote an egg, in the third box I wrote a cocoon and the last box I wrote a butterfly. Next I cut out the pictures with a scissors. In the first box I stuck on the picture of the leaf. In second box I stuck a picture of an egg, on the third picture I stuck on a picture of a cocoon and the last box I stuck on a picture of a butterfly. I now know how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. The caterpillar goes out the egg on the leaf, it then goes into a cocoon and then it turns into a butterfly.

By Jeff Maher, Senior Infants


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The Gruffalo



My Favourite Book

My favourite book is the Gruffalo.

The Gruffalo is my favourite character in the book.

It has orange eyes, purple prickles all over his back and he has a black tongue.

The Gruffalo has turned outtoes, he has a poisonous wart at the end of his nose and wobbly knees.

He also has terrible tusks and terrible jaws and terrible claws!

The story is about a mouse meeting a Gruffalo.

The mouse was scared of the Gruffalo.

The snake, the owl and the fox were also scared of the Gruffalo.

The mouse wanted the Gruffalo to think that he was the scariest animal in the woods.

The mouse scared the Gruffalo by telling him his favourite food was Gruffalo C;


By Pádraig o’ Connor, Junior Infants

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The Hungry Caterpillar


The Hungry Caterpillar

The Hungry Caterpillar was my favourite story this year. It was about a caterpillar who ate all day and all night because he was always hungry. He ate an apple on Monday, on Tuesday he ate two pears, on Wednesday he ate three plums and on Thursday he ate four strawberries. On Friday he ate five oranges, on Saturday he ate chocolate cake, ice cream cheese salami and lots more but he was still hungry. Then on Sunday he ate through one nice green leaf and he then felt much better. The caterpillar was getting much bigger and he built a small house called a cocoon. He stayed in the cocoon for two weeks until he nibbled a hole and pushed through it. He had turned into a beautiful butterfly.

My favourite part of this story is when the caterpillar goes into the cocoon.

Odhran lane, Junior Infants

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Our Reports

Junior and Senior Infants were learning about ‘Report Writing’ before Christmas. With the help of their teacher, and their Mom’s and Dad’s at home, each child created a report on an animal of their choice.

A Deer

Deer are part of the family that include moose and reindeer .

Deer have four long legs, two ears, a short tail and two big antlers.

Deer can be found in woods or in the zoo.

Deer can jump high and swim.

By Denis Kelly

A Wolf

A wolf is a member of the dog family.

A wolf is like a dog but much bigger. A wolf is wild.

A group of wolves is called a pack.

Most wolves live in North America and Europe.

A wolf howls to attract the attention of the pack.

The wolf is an endangered animal.

By Kieran Moynihan

A Cow

A cow has four legs, an udder and a tail. A cow can be black, white, brown and grey. A cow has four hooves.

Cows live together in groups called herds. A cow lives on a farm, in fields or in sheds. They mainly live on dairy farms.

You can get milk from their udder. They have babies called calves. Cows eat grass, hay and silage bails. They also eat nuts. They have to be milked twice a day.

By Philip Mc Carthy

A Monkey

A monkey is a primate animal.

A monkey had a long tail.

Groups of monkeys are called a tribe.

Most monkeys live in South America.

Monkeys can climb and hang on trees.

By Morgan Haugh

A Panda

A panda belongs to the bear family.

A panda has a thick, white, woolly coat with black eye patches, ears, legs and shoulders. Panda’s eat bamboo shoots, stems and leaves.

Most pandas live in China.

Pandas have babies once a year.

By Niall Walsh


A dalmation is part of the dog family.

A dalmation has four legs, white fur with black dots, and a tail.

A dalmation lives in a dog house or in a pet store.

A dalmation barks and plays catch and runs really fast.

By Aidan Fitzgerald

A Horse

There are boy horses and girl horses. There are different types of horses; race horses, show jumping horses and farm horses.

Horses can be different colours. They can be black, brown or white. A horse has 4legs and a tail and has horseshoes on its’ hooves. A farrier nails them on with a hammer.

Horses can be found in fields and they like to sleep in a stable. They eat grass. Horses can sleep standing up. They can run very fast and they can jump.

I know a horse called Kerry. She likes to eat polo mints.

By Daragh Clifford

My Pet

I have a pet cat. His name is Pancho.

He has four legs, big eyes and whiskers. He is black and brown with white feet.

Pancho lives in our house. He loves to hide under mom and dad’s bed!

Pancho can open the doors and let himself out. When he says ‘miaww’ it sounds like he is saying ‘mom!

By Reese Weathers

A Horse

I have two horses, Storm and Henry.

They are both geldings which means they are boy horses. A mare is a girl horse. You can tell their age by their teeth.

Horses have 4 legs, a mane and a tail, and when they need new shoes we call the farrier. Horses love to be in the field eating grass in the summertime. In  winter they put on cosy jackets and go into the stable.

My horses love to eat apples and carrots and love to jump big drains and ditches.

Ciarán Roche

A Giraffe

A giraffe is one of the tallest animals in the world. A giraffe has 4legs, a tail and a very long neck. Giraffes are usually yellow with brown spots. Giraffes can be found at the zoo or in the wild. They eat leaves off trees.

By Cormac Fitzpatrick

A Giraffe

A giraffe is a very tall animal. It has a tail and is yellow in colour with brown spots. A giraffe has a long neck and a long nose. Giraffes live in Africa. Giraffes can eat leaves from trees.

By Brían Moynihan

A Guinea Pig

A guinea pig is a member of the rodent fanily.

A guinea pig has four legs, a tail and whiskers. It looks like a mouse.

Guinea pigs can be found in pet shops in a hutch.

Guinea pigs are good at climbing and eating grass.

We have a guinea pig at home calles Honey.

Jamie Cronin

A Horse

A horse is a big, fast animal.

A horse has a long tail, four legs, a mane and a long face.

Horses live on farms and sleep in stables. Horses like to eat hay.

Horses like to race and jump over fences.

A jockey rides a horse.

Jeff Maher

A Dog

A dog is a member of the canine family.

A dog has four legs, sharp teeth and a tail. They can be family pets.

Dogs can be found in family homes as pets or some stay outdoors.

Dogs can bark, jump, run, like to dig holes and play with kids.

Aaron Casey

A Tiger

The tiger is the biggest type of cat. A tiger is orange and has black stripes. They are very big and strong. Tigers are ‘endangered animals’ because of hunters but can be seen in Fota Wildlife Park. Tigers roar, can swim and cam even hunt other big animals like deer or crocodiles.

By Odhran Murphy

A Tiger

A tiger is a big cat. It has four legs and four paws. Tigers are covered in black and orange stripes but some are white with black stripes. Tigers live in Asia and Russia, many tigers also live in zoos. They hunt for their food and eat other animals like deer. Tigers live and hunt alone.

By Peter McCarthy

A Cow

A cow is a big animal. A cow has 4 legs and a tail. She eats grass, silage and nuts. We have cows at home on our farm. The cows give us milk.

Michael Cronin

My Dog

Jackie is my dog. She has 4 legs, a tail and a wet nose. She is brown with a white chest and has brown eyes. Jackie sleeps in her shed and runs around the garden. She chases cows and our cat mittens.

Ryan Jones

A Dog

A dog comes in different breeds. A dog has four paws, a tail, two ears and a mouth. Dogs come in different sizes and colours. Dogs can be found all over the world. A dog is a good and loyal friend for all.

Eoin Lynch

A Tiger

A tiger is an animal that lives on the land. It has sharp claws, sharp teeth and black stripes. It can be found in the jungle. Tigers can run fast.

Aidan Hubbard


The squirrel lives in many parts of the world. It eats nuts, fruits, seeds and insects. In autumn squirrels store food for the winter. Grey squirrels are 2feet long from its nose to the end of its tail.

Josh O Sullivan

A Monkey

A monkey is a small to medium sized animal. A monkey has a long tail. Monkeys live in jungles, trees, grasslands, mountains and forests. A group of monkeys is called a ‘troop’. Monkeys love to eat fruit like bananas but will eat anything that smells good or bad! Monkeys peel their bananas and do not eat the skins. Monkeys have feelings just like humans and they hold hands. Small monkeys can be kept as pets and trained. Large monkeys are strong, quick and have claws that can kill.

Fionn McAuliffe


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