My Trip to Britain

Last June I went to Britain on my Summer holidays with my aunt Geraldine and cousin Liam from London.

I flew from Cork airport with my aunt Ger.  We left the house at 5 o’clock in the morning.  Ger had checked us in online already.  When we arrived at the airport we went straight to departures and soon boarded the plane.   It was a wonderful feeling when the plane took off.   At one stage there was a little turbulence so I got a bit frightened but it only lasted for a few minutes.  The flight was 55 minutes long.  We went by train and then taxi to the hotel.
Later that day we met Liam in London and travelled by train to Manchester to watch a football match between Manchester United and Chelsea in Old Trafford.   I am a Chelsea fan so I was all dressed in my blue jersey.  Liam is a Manchester United fan so I was very excited when Chelsea were ahead by 2 goals at half time.  It was very nerve wrecking towards the end of the match as Manchester United were ahead by 1 goal.  I knew it was near the end and could not watch anymore when Chelsea got a goal to make it a draw just before the referee blew his whistle.  Liam and I had a bet on that each of our teams would win but ended up keeping our money.

Two days later we travelled by bus to Nottinghamshire to visit the John Deere factory.  I loved all the different models.  My favourite John Deere model was the 9515 because of its size and power.  Each model was more fascinating than the next one.  I was disappointed when we came to the end of the tour. I got to name a John Deere tractor.

My holidays flew.  The highlight was going to the match.  It was the best holiday I ever had.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Kieran Angland, 3rd Class

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