Pupil attendance at Newmarket Boys’ School is excellent with 95% annual attendance for the past few years. Nonetheless, we want to emphasise to parents the absolute necessity for regular, punctual attendance each day. This is outlined in detail in our School Information booklet and in our Attendance Policy.

  • All children are expected to attend school daily in accordance with the Education Act (1998) and Education Welfare Act (2000).
    Please note: The Education Welfare Officer will be notified at the end of each term when a child is absent for more than twenty days in a school year or whose attendance is irregular. This is in accordance with the Education Welfare Act (2000).
  • Pupils’ attendance and lateness is monitored.
    Parents are expected to notify the school of any reasons for pupils’ absences. If your child is absent through illness or for any unavoidable cause, could you please inform the school – a note at the back of the homework journal is required from you on your child’s return. This then constitutes an authorised absence. The normal categories are: a) illness, b) urgent, or family reasons, c) expelled, d) suspended, e) holidays or religious observance etc, f) unexplained and g) transfer.
    Parents are also required to sign the Early Withdrawal book when withdrawing their child early from school and the Late Arrivals book when he arrives late to school.
  • School attendance statistics are reported as appropriate to the Education Welfare Board and Board of Management.

We appreciate that every family’s circumstances are different but we want children to be in school as much as possible. Absences during term time can seriously disrupt continuity of learning. The school must collect and report details of absences by law and so all absence levels are monitored closely. Attendance is a performance indicator and is recorded in your child’s end of year annual school report.