Calendar of events


Those who wish to set a link on their phone need to save the link below to their browser, which will open if they have logged into their email account. They can also add this calendar to their own private calendar, events showing in a different colour. You can download a Google App for Calendars if needed.

School Calendar link for phone


Unexpected Closures (e.g. snow days, no heating/water)

In accordance with Department of Education Circular 34/2011 [in the event of unexpected closures], the staff and Board of Management will consult, and may implement some or all of the strategies outlined here:

  1. Parents will be informed of an unexpected closure, as soon as possible, by text message and through the school website. Radio announcements are not used as some parents may not hear the notice.
  2. After any unexpected closure, the staff will establish what work has been missed.
  3. The staff / BoM will plan strategies to catch up on work missed if identified as of a significant level. This may involve prioritising particular subject areas, shortening school tours and / or sports events/day etc.
  4. If necessary, the BoM may identify discretionary / vacation days previously planned where the school could open. eg.  the BoM could shorten the Easter holidays or  February mid-term (if closed for a week).  In the event of this being necessary, parents will be given as much notice as possible.