A school to be proud of

Dear Parents and Visitors,

We are a small school at the heart of a local community, where we have strong links and long-standing relationships. Newmarket Boys’ School is a thriving all-boys school, where everyone knows one other, and where our children develop relationships naturally with other children of all levels, and look out for each other in a safe environment. Many of the children’s parents and one of the staff attended the school when they were younger. You can find photos with some of their names going back to 1977 along our school corridor.

We are a happy school, with many visiting personnel often describing us as a friendly, caring school with a great atmosphere, a lot going on and very respectful children therein. We are hugely proud of this fact. Respect is one of our main foundation blocks – respect by the pupils for themselves, for each other, for their teachers and all other members of the community with whom they come in contact.  In our Whole School Evaluation report of 2006 (WSE), the inspectorate noted that it was ‘evident that the teachers have developed in their pupils a high degree of self-respect and a strong sense of respect for others’.

Children are at the heart of Newmarket Boys’ primary school and each child is encouraged to achieve the highest standard possible for himself in all aspects of school life. Learning is a lifetime journey and at our school we aim to make every kilometre count – preparing our pupils for an ever changing world full of noteworthy ‘adventures’ and significant ‘challenges’. For this journey, we at the school embrace change to benefit the pupils in our care. We are proud of our children’s achievements and have high expectations of all learners. ‘The principal and the teachers are commended for their success in cultivating a positive and conducive educational atmosphere in the school and for developing a disciplined and attentive work ethic among the pupils. The unity, commitment and mutual co-operation of the staff are especially notable and it is apparent that the development and progress of the school is due in large measure to these features’. (WSE, 2006)

Our school motto is ‘Ní neart go cur le chéile’ which means ‘There is no strength without unity’ and this underpins our approach to all aspects of school life. We believe in working in partnership as a school community– pupils, parents and staff together – endeavouring to give all children the best possible start to their life in school; to empower each pupil with the skills and values to become a good learner; to encourage each child to achieve his potential; and to help each child to be a responsible citizen and a compassionate Christian. The school prides itself in providing enriched learning experiences beyond the classroom by fully utilising the local learning environment, specialist individuals and organised opportunities when they arise.

Education has been provided for boys at the West End since c.1856; with an official school structure built in 1877 and the current building in 1970. Our teaching and support staff are genuinely committed to ensuring that each child is cared for, is happy at school and is encouraged to develop a love of learning to better themselves for the future. The well-being and success of every child matters. We have a broad curriculum where a range of teaching styles are used so that children’s needs are catered for. We have very high expectations for our pupils and each child deserves the best that we can offer. “Pupils’ self-esteem is nurtured in a multiplicity of ways that have significant cumulative effects and the teachers are most anxious to promote the social and personal development of their pupils in every respect. The teachers have high expectations for all the boys in their care and every effort is made to assist pupils with specific difficulties.” (WSE, 2006). Being a small school, every staff member knows each child, and endeavours to make every day a positive learning experience in a safe environment. We are committed to providing an excellent education for our pupils and have extremely supportive parents and Board of Management in this undertaking.

Parents are obviously a vital part of this process and are involved in their child’s education at all stages. Starting with our induction meeting, parents of new infants are given an insight into how our teaching methods will promote development and learning in the Junior Infant cycle. We maintain a dialogue during the school year with formal meetings and reports, informal discussions, curriculum information initiatives, as well as regular newsletters, notes, monthly calendars and now, this website. We have a large group of volunteers from amongst our parents, both within the classrooms and the school’s job-database. Your input is invaluable in supporting your children’s education, as well as creating an excellent working relationship and understanding between staff and parents.

The school enjoys close links with its sister school ‘Scoil na gCailíní’ at the eastern side of town and we work together on frequent occasions. Many events and activities are organised and co-ordinated in the best interests of pupils, families and local community. We are supported by a generous community who believe in the youth of our area; the future generations of our parish.

We are delighted that you have shown interest in our school. We hope that the information on this website will answer many of the questions you may have. If you have not yet visited the school and wish to do so, please feel free to ring and make an appointment to meet with the principal and to see our school at work.