Board of Management

Our school operates under the Education Act 1998, the Rules for National Schools and other relevant legislation. The school is managed by a Board of Management, consisting of eight members who include staff, parents and the wider community. These eight members work on a voluntary basis and make a tremendous contribution to our school. The Board is responsible for the governance and management of the school in general and upholds the characteristic ethos of our school. The school is fully compliant with Child Safeguarding obligations and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 requirements and has developed all policies, agreements, procedures and forms to support these.

The previous Board achieved many objectives in its four year tenure, which included the organisation and management of: the redevelopment of the school playground; the construction of a school perimeter fence and shed; the construction of a pitch roof over the whole school and its insulation (initial stages); the replacement of all bathroom sanitary ware, and the provision of many resources to support teaching and learning. These all contributed to an enormous and invaluable legacy for the school community, from which we all benefit on a daily basis.

Current priorities are to maintain and develop standards of teaching and learning in the development of a school improvement plan for literacy and numeracy to benefit pupils’ learning and pupil outcomes, in line with DES guidelines. The Board is committed to effective provision of education within the school and facilitates the formulation and adoption of policy documents on a regular basis. The Principal works closely with the Chairperson of the Board who visits the school on a regular basis and together they play a central role in facilitating and developing a sense of ownership among school partners. Positive, supportive relationships exist between the Board of Management, Parents’ Association and the school community. The Board is conscious of its statutory obligations and ensures compliance with Department regulations, including matters relating to Child Protection, Health & Safety etc.

Our school is very fortunate and we very much appreciate having a dedicated Board who work hard on behalf of the pupils, staff and parents. They completed the construction of the pitch roof over the whole school and its insulation and have just completed the replacement of the heating system and the total refitting of the electrical system throughout the school. We are all now enjoying the benefits of these initiatives. They meet on a regular basis throughout the year and at all times have the interests of the school community at heart.  We appreciate their loyalty, commitment and interest in our school. We thank them for all the hours given to the development of the school, and bringing it to the respected establishment it is today.

The Board comprises of the following members for the 1st Dec.’19 to 30th Nov.’23 term:

Philip O’Connor Patron’s Nominee, Chairperson
Fr Francis Manning Patron’s Nominee,
Christine O’Mahony Principal, Secretary
Eamon Moynihan Teachers’ Nominee
Yvonne McCarthy Parents’ Nominee
Paul Murphy Parents’ Nominee
Eileen Fitzgerald Community Nominee
Connie O’Shea Community Nominee