How does a bicycle work ?

A bike is an object that you peddle to get from (a) to (b). It has a metal frame two wheels and handlebars to steer with.
A bicycle is made from different parts, such as a steel frame, two rubber tyres, a chain and two peddles.
The chain is wrapped around two gears which allows you to turn the back wheel when you peddle.
People cycle bicycles for pleasure, sport and for keeping fit as well as a form of transport.
Many people all over the world depend on bicycles as their main form of transport, a bicycle is cheap to purchase and maintain but best of all it doesn’t cost anything to run it.
Many people believe that the bicycle was invented by Ernest Michaux in 1861, but it proved to be one of the most important inventions in history. Bicycles are as popular today as when they were first invented.
Stephen Murphy McAree 4th Class

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