What is Bread ?

Bread is a type of food you can eat. The main ingredients in bread are flour, water and yeast. All the ingredients are mixed well together and then baked in a hot oven.
There is a wide variety of breads all over the world. In Ireland soda bread and brown bread are popular breads. In Australia soda bread is popular and in Japan small loaf bread is popular.
Yeast is one of the ingredients used for making bread. Yeast has 1,500 species the species used in food production is called sarchaomyces cerevisiale. When yeast is mixed with water and flour and put in a hot oven to bake bread the yeast makes it rise because of the heat.
Bread has been around for thousands of years. People first started to experiment with grains and water or grain flour these made a kind of flatbread. Nowadays these are lots of types of breads and even machines that make bread.
Bread is used in a lot of different kinds of meals such as sandwiches, pizza the base of pizza is made of dough. Some people put bread in stuffing. Some pancakes and toast are made from bread and there are many more foods made from bread.
Bread is the one food eaten all over the world by all different races, culture and religion. Bread has become a fixture in religious rituals. The ancient Egyptians used mouldy bread to treat infections.
Darren Murphy 4th Class

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