St. Patrick

St Patrick was captured by Niall of the Nine Hostages in Wales when he was six years old. He was sold to a farmer called Milchu in Antrim. He had to be a slave and mind pigs.

One night, God came to him in a vision. God said there was a boat waiting for him in Waterford. He escaped and went to find the ship. The captain of the potato ship said ‘This boat isn’t for slaves, it’s for spuds’. The captain tried to leave but a storm kept stopping him. God made the storm happen so that Patrick could escape. The captain let him on the ship and they sailed to France. He sometimes had to eat the pigs’ food because he was hungry. He had to sleep with the pigs and sheep but he couldn’t sleep because they made too much noise.

Patrick became a priest and then a bishop. He returned to Ireland to tell them all about God. He was able to speak Irish. When St. Patrick came to Ireland, he lit a fire and the King of Ireland didn’t like it. He was meant to light the fire.  They were pagans and they didn’t understand that God was the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. He used shamrock to explain. He is said to have gotten rid of the snakes from Ireland.

St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. We have parades and festivals to celebrate St. Patrick every year. In Dublin, American marching bands fly over to take part in the parade. The festival is on the 17th of March, as that is the day he died.

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