Active School Flag

The Active School Flag is a whole school initiative and as such all members of the school community should be made aware that the school is interested in and working towards achieving the ASF. This might be achieved in the following ways:
• Put the Active School Flag on the agenda for a planning day/staff meetings
• Use class assemblies to inform all the pupils about the process.
• Notify the Parents’ Association and Board of Management.
• Include information about the Active School Flag in parental newsletters.
• Contact the Local Sports Partnership Coordinator and HSE Health Promotion
Officer/Physical Activity Coordinator for the area to make them aware of that your school is working towards the Active School Flag.
• Discuss the initiative with National Governing Bodies that may be working in the school.
• Create an Active School Flag notice board.
• Designate a section of the school website to Active School Flag news so that the whole school community can be kept up to date with progress.

Active School Guideline Booklet

Active Schools Locations

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