Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo jumps were originally designed by a Swiss engineer whose aging knees hindered his passion for running. Bands or coils in the centre of the shell underneath the boot stretch when compressed, creating spring or rebound. The rebounding effect increases circulation and heart rate and facilitates lymphatic drainage. A huge volume of blood is pumped through during a Kangoo workout and it cleanses the system like a massage. The boots can also help people with balance issues and are great for tackiling issues such as child obesity. It’s an efficient way to exercise as it gets the heart rate up easily and your calorie burn can be up to 50% more than the same exercise without the boots.
‘It was brilliant’ Eoin
‘It was a great new experience’ Anthony
‘It was great fun’ Ronan
‘It was nice for a change’ Joe
‘It was great exercise’ Cathal

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