Our Golden Values at School

We have 6 Golden Values at Newmarket Boys’ School which were brainstormed, developed and shaped by the pupils and staff together this term. These Golden Values are important ingredients of our school ethos…

    • We will respect, be polite and be honest with ourselves, pupils, teachers and visitors. 
    • We will always try our best and will ask for help if we need it.
    • We will listen and give others a chance to express themselves.
    • We will care for all students and respect people’s differences.
    • We will strive to develop and maintain a bully-free zone. 
    • We will look after the people & the property of our school and will care & protect the environment to the best of our abilities.

These Golden Values are proudly displayed around our school, including signed posters by the pupils in each classroom. These Golden Values are an integral part of our Code of Behaviour.

‘The Island Wood’
A haven for walkers and nature lovers. Photograph by Eileen O’Connor, Taur, local photographer. Eileen supports the Boys’ School on a regular basis, taking photos of pupils on numerous special occasions.



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