Our School Vision…epic

Thank you for your interest in our school and for browsing our website. The school community of pupils, parents/guardians, staff and Board has agreed on this shared vision for our school.

Acronym: EPIC

‘Epic’ means very impressive or to extend beyond the usual or ordinary.
At Newmarket Boys’ School, everyone strives to aspire to this ultimate goal.

Enjoyment – We want each child to enjoy coming to school, to feel assured in his friendships, to be happy to participate and to learn in a caring, safe environment.

Potential – We want to help each child to reach his full potential in providing a rich and varied range of learning opportunities within a broad curriculum. A variety of strategies for learning are arranged in classes to meet pupils’ needs. Our Whole School Evaluation (WSE) report of 2006 noted that “Pupils’ self-esteem is nurtured in a multiplicity of ways that have significant cumulative effects and the teachers are most anxious to promote the social and personal development of their pupils in every respect.  The teachers have high expectations for all the boys in their care and every effort is made to assist pupils with specific difficulties”. We are very proud of these observations.

Inclusion – We pride ourselves in being an inclusive school where everyone is equal, and we are prepared to adapt and change to suit the needs of our learners in so far as is possible and practicable.

Community – Being part of a school community or team is an integral part of our school life and is inbuilt in our school motto ‘Ní neart go cur le chéíle’. We believe in pupils, staff, parents and community working together to improve our children’s holistic development; fostering responsible citizens with a sense of self worth, enabling them to appreciate and contribute to their community.

We would ask each parent and guardian, in the best interests of his/her own child, to continue to support and contribute to these core values, which are integral to our school ethos.

‘The Four Seasons’
‘The Four Seasons’ is a set of sculptures, each representing a traditional, temperate season. It is located at the Town Park beside the school, and was erected by the Newmarket Community Development Association. (Photograph by Sheila Fitzgerald, www.hearttoheart.ie )



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