Persil’s kits for schools 2016
As well as being lots of fun, team sports play a big role in kids’ development – from building their confidence to providing plenty of exercise.
At Persil, they understand the importance of team sports, so they launched Kits for Schools for a second year running. This Sports Kits for Schools programme gave schools a chance to win customised sports kits for the local school for a sport of their choice.
Each Sports Kit contains a set of 20 O’Neills (fully customisable by the school) jerseys and shorts as well as an O’Neills gear bag to hold it all in.
Many thanks to Sandra O’Shea who entered our name into the competition and yesterday we were honoured to have two Olympic athletes (Rob and Marian Hefferenan)  visit us to present us with our prize. Their inspirational journey encouraged us all to get out, get healthy and to participate and experience as much physical activity, sports and hobbies as possible.