Opera House Christmas 2015


With the return of last year’s widely acclaimed creative team, the magical story of Beauty and the Beast has been rewritten with wondrous twists and hilarious outcomes.

Beauty and the Beast is a story of friendship and love, mixed with magic and adventure. Like Beauty you will be held captive, but by a gripping story, magnificent scenery and costumes, spectacular song and dance routines, comedy capers and magical special effects

Favourite Bits:
Beauty’s Dad hid under Nanny Potts and the Beast found him.
Chip fell over Nanny Potts bra and he said it was a booby trap.
When we were dancing and doing the song Cheerleader.
Chips jokes.
Nanny Potts pulled her knickers out of her tea pot.
The costumes and the music.

‘Funny’ ‘hilarious’ ‘excellent’ ‘breath taking’ ‘silly’ ‘First time at the pantomime and I would definitely like to go back’