Fundraiser Walk

All pupils went on the fundraiser Hi-Lo Energy Walks on Monday. The Infants, Rang 1 & Rang 2 enjoyed their trip along the Kerry Rd. and through the first part of the wood, and would love to do it again next week.  It was, as they described, ‘awesome’. We were delighted to have parents join in, who also had an enjoyable excursion. Rang 3-6 and the 5 adults who dared to join in had a harder treck – along the Kerry Rd., past the Rock, through the Island Wood, up Fitz’ Hill and down The Island Rd. A challenge to any fit person, especially in the time scale involved: 105 mins including the river field-trip. This involved collecting river life samples for study, using pooters, when they stopped at the Island River. They also had a refreshments break at the entrance to the wood. All pupils were thrilled with the drinks provided by the Parents Association for both groups along their routes.