Writing Stations

We did writing stations in our classroom for 5 weeks. There were five different stations and we stayed at each station for 8 minutes. Some Moms and Dads came to help us with the writing stations. They helped us every day and we learned how to hold a scissors the right way & practise our cutting. We cut out shapes to make flowers, cars, angels, boats, snails etc. At station 2, we threaded shapes with laces, and we used playdough to make letters. Múinteoir Christine taught us how to write letters the correct way. She had lots of small white boards and we got to practice our letters on them. Sometimes M. Christine called out words and we had to write them on the boards. We were writing stories with Múinteoir Nóirin. When we were writing our stories we used the 5 Ws – who, what, where, when and why. We wrote stories about mice, turtles, birds, caterpillars and frogs. We did rainbow writing with Múinteoir Jennifer; we had to write over a word lots of times with different colours and we were learning how to spell words. Sometimes words were mixed up in sentences and we had to write the words in the right order. We learned about capital letters and full stops as well.

The writing stations were fun!

Infant Classroom

The writing stations are fun. We get to play with play dough and shapes, and we cut out paper to make pictures. I don’t find cutting hard anymore! M. Christine is teaching us how to write our letters the right way. We are writing capital letters. We sometimes do rainbow writing; you have to write over a word 5 times using different colours. It helps us to spell words.

Gavin Fleming,  Senior Infants

I like the writing stations, especially when we get to write on the whiteboards. We write different letters and we must make sure they are on the line. M. Jennifer is teaching us about capital letters and full stops. M. Nóirin is helping us to make stories. We wrote a story about birds. They can fly and they eat worms. I drew a blackbird for my story. I like writing and I am getting really good at it!

Colin O’Leary, Senior infants

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