Trip to Killarney

Firstly my family surprised our mom with a holiday to a hotel in Killarney for her birthday. Our mom was so happy she was jumping up and down with excitement and was screaming mad.

We were on our way to Killarney when we got there we got the suitcases out of the car and went into the hotel to check in to the hotel. We waited for 20 minutes in the waiting room. They gave us the key and we went up to our room and emptied our suitcases. Then we went down to the restaurant to have dinner and our Grandparents came to surprise us to stay with us for mom’s birthday too.

After we went to the park for a little while and went to play mini-golf. Then we went to an arcade called the teen zone and in there we went on a mechanical bull it was really fun. Then I went back to the pub to get a bag of taytos and a drink of sprite free. My sister was after watching a puppet show and getting a balloon animal of a dog.

It wasn’t long until night came I was walking to the park when suddenly these kids ran out of the teen zone and there was a lot of them there. I went over to them and I asked them could I play with them and they insisted and we all became friends. We played tag all night and then it became very dark and late so we all went to our rooms to go to bed but before we went to bed we watched wipe out it was great fun and really funny after that we went to bed and off to sleep.

In the morning we slept in but after a while mom woke us up to be on time for breakfast. In the restaurant where we had breakfast we sat at a huge table and had a great feast(breakfast) and after I went to the teen zone for a while and my dad texted me to come to them to play mini-golf.

After that we got in the car and before we went home we went on the jaunting-cart as a treat. The horse was called Sally. I was allowed sit on front with the man and he told us all types of interesting facts. We stopped at another jaunting cart site that was near a big castle. We stopped there to give Sally food and we went to see the big castle.  It was actually called Ross Castle. There was a lake there that was full of ducks. We went up the hill to a room of old maps of the castle and before we went back down the hill I spotted cannons and we went to see them.  My dad took a picture of us sitting on them. We went back down the hill to the jaunting cart and set off back to where we started and got off. Then we went to the bungee jump after we went to the car and went home.I had a great time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dillon Walsh 4th Class

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