Trip of a Lifetime – Australia

My Trip to Australia

At the start of November my family and I were thinking of going on a cruise to Australia. My mom was happy but she was also really nervous because it was her first time on a ship. My nana was not too pushed on the outside but on the inside I knew she was happy.

That evening my mom bought three tickets. We were leaving on the 25th of November, only three days away. We had our suit cases packed .Our cruise was leaving at 1am so we left at 11pm and we were at the docks for 12 o clock .Our cruise left 15 minutes early.

The cruise ship was huge. There were numerous activities to do, such as basketball, tennis but my favourite was soccer .The pitch was at the top of the ship which was really fancy in my opinion. After picking teams we started the match. My team got the first goal when my teammate went as fast as lightning down the wing, then cut inside and let off a rocket. The score was 1-0 to my team.

We went down to the tennis courts after that. As I was not that good at playing tennis the coach gave me some lessons. First he told me the basic requirements, then he got onto the hard stuff. When I was done with the lessons I got to play a match. My opponent was good but somehow I managed to beat him by one frame. I hope it was not beginners luck!

We played basketball next which I thought was really fun. Firstly the instructor showed us some skills like rolling the ball around your neck and he taught us how to juggle two basketballs. My mom told me that there was an aquarium at the bottom of the ship so we decided to go there. When we got there it was not really like an aquarium because we were at the very bottom of the ship looking out the windows at the fish. In my opinion the cruise was magnificent.

When we got off the cruise we got into our taxi. The driver took us to our hotel also it was really sunny. We went up to our room then we started to unpack our clothes. We finished unpacking our clothes at about 6 o clock. We got dinner and the restaurant was really lively because people were juggling wine bottles and another person was carrying plates on his head.

The next day we went down to the beach. We got a sun bed and it was really sunny. After a while we went to go get some gifts to bring back to Ireland. I got a cool wrist band and my mom got a t-shirt. We got food then we went to the hotel and went to bed.

I wanted to go to a water park the following day so my mom said I could. When we got there it was huge. I went down a gigantic slide and when I got to the bottom there was a huge splash and it went all over my mom. Then there was a huge obstacle course but it was not an ordinary obstacle course. When your got near the top a huge bucket of water would fall right on top of you and you would fall right back down. After I went to the gift shop and I got a t-shirt. We went back to the hotel and that was our day.

The next day was our last day but I really missed my dog Beauty and my granddad so I did not mind going back to Ireland.


Dylan o Shea, 5th Class


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