The worst holiday ever

The Worst Holiday Ever

 We were at the airport and we were just about to check in when a man started to shoot the birds of the roof. Well I suppose we are in the year 2076, anything could happen.

We finally reached our destination and we checked into the hotel. We were going to the pool when a huge space ship full of aliens started shooting at us with the rope guns. We had to sprint as fast as we could to the garden shed and duck down.

The aliens were right outside the garden shed door and my heart was jumping out of my chest. Suddenly two aliens broke in. I told my parents to run. After a long battle they were the winners and I was taken to a jail on Mars. I was in a tiny prison cell with ten other people. They were in that cell for days living on a basic diet of rice and beans.

One night when I was asleep I was woken with a lot of screaming. I turned to my side and saw the aliens dragging the little children out of the cell. I jumped out of my bed as quick as lightning and punched the alien into the face and escaped.

I ran down the hallway as fast as my little legs could run. When I came to a dead end I looked to my left and hid in a closet where I found a door. I went through and all of the aliens were standing in front of me. I looked to my right and saw a huge machine gun. I grabbed the gun and fired it rapidly. I ran past them and down the hallway into a space shuttle. I got away from the planet.

When I got to the hotel all of the aliens were gone so we booked the first tickets home for Ireland. On our way home we watched movies and ate sweets on the plain. When we got home we were all happy to see our lovely home again.


     Stephen Murphy McAree, 6th Class

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