The Squirrel

This week in school we were learning about squirrels.

A squirrel is a rodent. There are 280 different types of squirrels in the world. Most squirrels are red, brown and grey in colour. A squirrel had four legs, big eyes and a bushy tail. It has sharp toes to climb trees. A squirrel has padded feet and this helps the squirrel to jump very high. Some squirrels can jump 20feet! A squirrel has four front teeth that never stop growing. A squirrel builds a nest in a tree. This nest is called a drey. A baby squirrel is called a kitten, and when they are born they are blind. Squirrels eat nuts, fruits and seeds. During the winter they hibernate; this means that they go for a very long sleep during the winter months when the weather is cold. When squirrels are frightened they run back and forth in different directions to confuse the animals that are attacking them!


Category: Science
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