The Snake Break

It was St. Patrick’s Day in Newmarket. It was a sunny, dry day. All the people were dressed in green and they were very excited about the parade.


The boys from Newmarket Boys School were dressed in a snake costume. They had to move the sticks in the snake up and down. The snake was very long and it had lots of colours. The boys had to work together to make the snake move.


At 12 o clock the parade started. The parade left the school and walked up through the town. After a while the boys started to feel tired because the snake was heavy. Suddenly some of the sticks broke and the snake fell apart! The boys started to worry.  What would they do?


Eventually M. Humphrey came up with an idea. He told the boys in the snake to use their hands to move the snake up and down. The boys tried it and it worked!

The boys were very happy that afternoon.

The End

By Junior and Senior Infants

Category: English, Narrative
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