The Rainbow Fish

Book Review

The Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Display by Marcus Pfister

The Rainbow Fish had beautiful scales. They sparkled and glowed. They were all different colours including purple, blue, red, orange and green.
The Rainbow Fish was the most gorgeous fish in the ocean. The Rainbow Fish would not share his scales with the other fish and they stopped playing with him.
One day, he was talking to a starfish and the starfish told him to go visit the wise old octopus who lived in a dark cave just after the coral reef.
The Wise old octopus told him to give one of his scales to every fish and he was blissful. He was surrounded by friends and their beautiful scales.
We learned that it is important to share with others. If you don’t share with your friends, they will reject you. Sharing makes other people feel better and the person who is sharing feels better.
We would give this book 5*out of 5*.
Remember it is nice to be nice.

By First and Second Class

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