The Netherlands

The Netherlands also known as the Lowlands or Holland is situated in central Europe. It is about the size of Munster. Surprisingly, the population is approximately 16 ½ Million people. The Netherlands is 50% under water and consequently it is criss-crossed with dykes to control the water level.

In Holland they have more bicycles than cars and the Dutch are famous for cycling as a sport. Their favourite food is cheese which they have been making since 400 A.D. The Dutch people have a fondness for Heineken and 70% of the worlds’ bacon comes from the Netherlands. The Dutch flag is a tri-colour of Red, White and Blue. Red represents courage and strength. White represents peace and honesty and finally blue for loyalty and trust.

The Netherlands is famous for its gardens and especially for tulips which are exported all over the world and are a valuable export for the Netherlands.

Some of the rivers in the Netherlands are the Lek and the waal. The highest mountain is raisarberg. There are 12 provinces in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is bounded by the North sea and also the Waden sea. Over half of the land mass of the Netherlands has been reclaimed from the sea. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands and has one of the largest ports in the world.

The Netherlands is governed by a Monarchy system which means they have a King and Queen. Protestant is the most common religion in the Netherlands. Two of Hollands’ most famous people are Vincent Van Gogh who was a famous artist and who also chopped off his own ear. Anne Frank is also a very famous dutch person as she wrote a book based on a diary of the second world war. 80% of Dutch people also speak English.

In my opinion, it would be a nice place to see and I might be there in the future.

By  J.J. Cronin, 6th Class.

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