The Hospital Visit

The Hospital Visit

It was half seven when I woke up. I was so excited about my hurling match that day. It came to nine o clock and my mom put on the breakfast and I ate two sausages and a hash brown and also an egg. Half an hour later we had all eaten our breakfasts.

I watched TV until twelve o clock and at half one my dad and I went for a puck around. It came to two o clock so I went and I got a snack and watched TV.

It came to five o clock so I ran upstairs and I put my hurling gear on. The team had arranged to meet at the boy’s school where we were getting a bus to Boherbue. It took us half an hour to get there. When we reached the pitch we got off the bus and our trainer told us what positions we would be playing. He gave us our jerseys and we ran out onto the pitch. My dad was the referee. My dad threw up the ball and the game started.

Just before half time I got a serious belt with a hurley on my head. It was so hard that it knocked me out. My dad ran over to me and then called the ambulance. After twenty minutes the ambulance arrived. The paramedics ran onto the field quickly to check me. They brought the ambulance onto the field and put me in the ambulance. The sirens rang as we went to CUH hospital.

I woke up a few hours later in a hospital room. The doctors scanned my brain which really hurt me because they put two needles in my head to check the brain. When the results came back the doctors told my mom and dad that I had to go for an operation straight away.

After the operation I had to spend eight weeks in hospital. I was glad to be left home.

Troy O Donoghue, 6th Class

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