The Big Splash

The Big Splash

It was the summer holidays and my family decided to go to Dingle, Co.Kerry. We packed up all our gear into the car and headed off in our car. We were all very excited!

We arrived in Dingle around noon and went for some lunch. Then we went for a walk around Dingle town to see what it had to offer. I noticed it had an aquarium and I just had to see it.

We wandered around, looking at all the unusual and colourful fish in the tanks. There were all types of fish and sea creatures but my favourite were the sharks. I gazed at them all in amazement.

We were just walking out of the aquarium when all of a sudden I noticed a crack in one of the larger tank! I couldn’t believe my eyes as it began to grow and water started to seep through.

I ran to alert the staff of the problem. Suddenly I heard a huge crash; the tank exploded and all the water and the sharks came crashing out around the floor. People ran around the aquarium screaming in fear of the sharks, but the biggest fear was that the sharks would drown while out of water.

The staff had to work frantically to net the sharks and get them back into a tank safely. Eventually they got everything back in order. To thank me for my help, the staff gave me free passes for my family and I to come back and visit again.

I will never forget my trip to Dingle aquarium. I hope one day to swim with sharks.

Aaron Walsh, 6th class 



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