The Best Trip Ever!

Last year on Saturday, February 16th 2014 my family and I went on to Benidorm.  Mya , mom , dad , granddad , nana and I were getting ready for our trip,  packing  shorts , flip-flops  and our short sleeve t-shirts because Benidorm was really hot . On the plane, we were playing on our phones and listening to music.  After a while we got a bit of food because we were starving. The food was very tasty, Mya and I got cheese and onion taytos with a bar of chocolate.

Finally we arrived in Spain and got off the plane in Alicante.  We showed the airport security our passports before leaving the airport. My uncle came and collected all of us and we went to our apartment.  There were three rooms. My room was the smallest room because it only had a single bed. My moms, dads and Myas room was the biggest room because they had a double bed plus a single bed; they needed that bed because there were three of them.  My nana and granddads bed was the second biggest room because they have a double bed for the two of them. Outside our apartment was a swimming pool with beautiful blue water.  There also was a diving board.  My dad and I kept diving into the pool doing front flips. My sister was practicing her swimming with mom, nana and granddad.

The next day we went to the Bodhrán for breakfast and we got a rasher sandwich. It was delicious. After that we went to the beach and the sand was so hot so we had to go straight down to the water.  The water was a beautiful blue colour. We had floats so we could lie on the water.  I had a dolphin float and Mya had a pink wheel so she could sit in and not fall over into the water. In the water we had our goggles so we could chase the fish without stinging our eyes. We walked up to the Bodhrán Bar then and got lunch. The lunch was magnificent. The Bodhrán is my favourite bar because it is an Irish bar.  Also there are lots of Irish flags and posters up in the bar. My uncle Denis owns the Bodhrán and we love to get burger and chip for lunch with a pineapple drink. After that we went back up to our apartment and had dinner before going to bed.

The next day we went shopping. Mya and I got to choose what shop to go to.  I let Mya pick what shop she wanted to go to first and she picked a teddy shop. It was a fabulous shop. There were lots of cool teddy bears there but I think Mya got the coolest teddy bear; it was a beautiful husky with grey and white patches. Then I got to choose what shop to visit next and of course I picked the sports shop! While we were in the sports shop I saw the new Man United jersey. It was black and neon orange with Martial on the back. He is my favourite player for Man United so I had to get it!

The next morning after breakfast we went to the pool. Mya and I were the only ones diving in while mom, dad, nana and granddad were sleeping in the sun. Soon afterwards Mya and I went up to the apartment with mom to dry off and dad, nana and granddad followed us up to get ready for dinner.  We ordered pizza and chips. It was delicious.

The next day was our last day so we said we would enjoy the day by going to the water park, Aqua Landia. It was a fantastic water park, with exciting water slides that you go down on mats. It was really fast so my sister Mya could not go down it only dad, granddad and I. It was the best day ever, there was so many slides that you could go down.

That was the end of our trip so we as busy as bees trying to pack up to go home. It was sad leaving because we all loved it there so much. At the airport we checked in and got on the plane. On the plane we got food because we were starving. While we were on the plane we were listening to music and playing games on our phones. We landed in cork and went home.



Ethan Hourigan, 5th Class

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