The Bank Robbery

Last Saturday, my Mom and I drove to the bank to lodge a cheque.

When we got to the bank, my Mom lodged a cheque and suddenly, a black car with tinted windows parked beside the bank. Four people wearing masks came into the bank with guns. Everyone was afraid. The robbers said “Hands up!” People started panicking and the robbers said ‘Shut up’. They went over to the people at the desk and they said ‘Get money’. One of the robbers guarded the door and I was in the corner of the bank. Another one of the robbers was smashing open the A.T.M machines. He had a bag and he was stuffing money into it. The door to the Manager’s office was open. One of the staff crawled through the door very quietly. She pressed the panic button.

About two minutes later, the guards came and surrounded the bank. Then, the robbers started firing bullets everywhere. Suddenly, one of the robbers called someone on his phone. Subsequently, ten more robbers came in four cars. Then, the robbers started shooting the guards and they shot one guard. I was terrified. Meanwhile, the robbers inside the bank went to the top of the bank and there was a helicopter there to collect them and they escaped. When the robbers outside the bank saw them leave, they quickly got into their cars and they left. Later, an ambulance came for the guard who got shot. The robbers were not found.

In conclusion, I think it was one of the most terrifying days of my life and I will never forget this day as long as I live.

Ben Daly, 6th

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