Summer in Boston

Last summer my family my aunt and I went to Boston. My sister Peig had qualified to dance in the world Irish Dancing

Championship. So we decided to go as a family.

We left the house about seven o clock in the morning. When we got to the airport we scanned our luggage in case there was any unauthorised material inside. Once that was done we had breakfast.

After that we hopped on the plane and flew to London Heathrow and from there on to Boston. The trip lasted for five hours.

When we arrived in Boston Airport we went to the security check. When we passed security and got approval for entry to the United States we quickly went to hail a cab. The driver took us to the very fancy Sheraton Hotel in the city centre. My mom checked us in and we went to our lovely room where we went to sleep very quickly as we had been up for over 20 hours.

The following morning we got up and went to get breakfast. We eventually found a posh French breakfast shop. It was tasty, but what liked most was their orange smoothie and a baguette with ham. After breakfast we went back to our room. My mom told me that Peig would be dancing the following morning so she told me to stay with my aunt.

When I got up the next morning she came nineteenth in the world and had got a world medal. We were all very proud. The next week we went to the middle of the town and we got a bus called the duck tour, the bus took us around the city of Boston and it gave us lots of information, I even got to drive it.

The day after that we went to a shopping village called Wrentham. I got two pairs of converse and two t-shirts from the sport shop. Then it was nearly the end of the week and my holiday was nearly over so packed our bags and headed home.

I thought it was a great holiday and I would do it again tomorrow.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Hugh O Connor 4th Class


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