Stranger Danger

A recent investigation found children were happy to walk off with a friendly stranger after only 90 seconds of persuasion, it could not be more important for mums and dads to make children aware of ‘stranger danger’.

Here are some tips and key words for addressing the issue with your child.
If a stranger ever tries to grab you, scream “stop touching me like that stranger!” at the top of your lungs. You should also hit, kick, claw, wriggle out of your clothing, and do whatever you can to get away. Run to the first adult you see and ask for help.
Just because someone looks nice, that doesn’t mean they are nice. Bad strangers look the same as good strangers, so we need to be careful around them all. Stay away from people you don’t know unless the adult who is watching you is right there by your side.
Would you like to see my puppy? I found something on the side of the road, can you come here and tell me who it belongs to? An abductor might use all sorts of tricks to try to lure you away or get you close to their car. Don’t fall for it. Stay safe, and stay away!

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