Sport is our passion

Newmarket Boys’ School

Our has won many sporting events. We have won two Sciath na Scol titles in hurling, several local titles in football and hurling, and we also won the INTO mini-sevens. There is also a special emphasis on athletics in our school.
We have two training sessions a week for a half an hour per session. We train hurling on Thursdays and football on Tuesdays. We have a very good pitch beside our school and we use that for home games. We have a coach called Tim O Connor and he does athletics with us. We have a positive healthy eating programme. It improves our healthy eating. It helps us to develop peak physical exercise. There is also special emphasis on swimming and all of that improves our fitness.
In conclusion, I believe sports are great fun and hopefully we will win many titles in the future.

Patrick Browne, 6th class

Newmarket Boys’ School plays several sports. We have achieved many titles such as 2 Sciath na Scol titles in hurling, U12 Duhallow title for football and 2 or 3 medals from Cork City Sports. We have improved our sports and we hope to win another title soon.
We enjoy playing sports. At break time, we play soccer and basketball. Every Tuesday, an athletics coach called Tim O’ Connor comes in and helps us to improve our athletic skills unlike other schools. Múinteoir Eamon helps us with our hurling skills every Thursday at 2:30. We sometimes go to the field if it’s dry. Múinteoir Anthony helps us with our football skills every Tuesday at 2:30 as well. Healthy eating is very important in our school. Healthy food gives us energy and improves our fitness levels. Múinteoir Anthony promotes and encourages us to eat healthy food.
In conclusion, I hope that we will improve more on our sports and we will be unstoppable.

Aaron Jennings, 6th class

Cork  -v- Clare – A Sports Commentary

Tonight, we have a truly excellent match for you, the Allianz League relegation match of Cork –v- Clare.  The sides met in Páirc Uí Rinn in Cork on the 16th of March. Cork were leading for all of the first half but it turned out to be Clare’s game.
Back to the main game tonight. Cork –v-Clare relegation round. The sliotar is thrown in with Clare getting the ball first but Cork getting the first point. When one got a point, the other got a point, until Cork got a goal and another to follow. It went to extra time and Cork won.

Brian Hubbard, Rang 2

Newmarket Boys’ School

Our School is a school which participates in a variety of sports. We have achieved titles in hurling and football such as Sciath na Scol and the Duhallow hurling and football finals. We also have an athletics trainer coming to our school to teach us about athletics.
Our school competes in numerous sports and at least over 90% of children play, watch and like some kind of sport. This year in hurling, we hope to win the Sciath na Scol County Final. We have won this title twice since we entered in 2008. Since then, to show our passion for sport, we have had 2 players to play for the Cork Primary School’s Team and hoping to have another in the near future. Athletics is important in our school as most people like running and some don’t like G.A.A. or Soccer. An Athletics trainer named Tim O’Connor comes to our school and teaches us how athletics are supposed to be done. Also, we hope to do more sports in our school within a year or so.
In conclusion, every school needs sport and I hope to have more activities in sport next year.

Cian Crowley, 6th class

Newmarket Boys’ National School has achieved 2 Sciath na Scol titles in hurling and several Duhallow titles and some athletic medals. We play a lot of sports including hurling, football, soccer and basketball. On Tuesdays, we do athletics and football training. Our athletics trainer is Tim O’Connor. On Thursdays, we do hurling training. Our hurling trainer is Múinteoir Eamon. We are also good for healthy eating and we have a healthy eating policy. To start our healthy eating policy, we had taster days when we sampled different types of healthy food. Examples were tomatoes, apples, oranges, cucumbers, peppers and bananas. We also had the Food Dudes promoting fruit and veg. by giving free samples. Once a month we’re allowed one treat such as chocolate.
In my personal opinion, I think sports play an important role in our every day school life. You need to eat healthy to be good at sports.

Jamie Kenneally, 5th Class 

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