The reason I don’t like Messi is because he thinks he is unreal. I would not have him on my team.
Ronaldo is fast, he is skillful and excellent. If he kept running, he’d be faster than Bolt. I know Bolt is fast but so is Ronaldo.
My favourite players are Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil. He is German. My favourite United player is Nani. I like Barcelona.

Denis Murphy, 2nd Class

Why you should support Man. United

Although not everybody would agree, I want to argue that Man. United is the best team in the Premier League. I have several reasons for arguing for this point of view. My first reason is that Man. United has won 19 Premier Leagues and 4 Champion Leagues and so have been very successful.
A further reason is that Wayne Rooney plays for them and is a good soccer player. Alex Ferguson is their manager. Need I say more?
Furthermore, Man. United is the only team in England who has won the treble.
Therefore, although some people might argue that Man United is not a good team, I think they are good team.

Dylan O’ Riordan, 4th Class


Arsenal is a football club in London founded in 1886. It was founded by a group of men working in a gun factory. The Arsenal grounds are in North London, off The Holloway Road. Arsenal has won 13 Premier Leagues, 10 FA Cups and 1 European Cup. In my opinion, Arsenal’s best players are Tony Adams, Theiry Henry, Lemmon, Walcott, Denis Bergcamp and David Seaman.

Andrew Murphy, 3rd Class

Dirt-bike racing is a fit sport

Dirt-bike racing is an amazing sport and it’s a way to show your talent. Your wrists and ankles get stronger from pulling the throttle, changing gears and sticking your leg out at bends. You could be on different positions at different times, like standing up when going over jumps and pulling into the handle bars at a sharp corner. Dirt-bike racing can be your hobby and you can get a lot of experience. Some people might think that dirt-bike racing is a dangerous sport.
I think I have shown that dirt-bike racing is a fit sport.

Conor O’Donovan, 4th Class


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