Sponsored Walk and Website Launch

On the 29th of April, our school went on a sponsored walk to help raise funds for our school and to launch our school website.

We left to go on the walk at 10:30. The walk took us up to the Kerry Road, through the Shreelawn Wood, through the Island Wood and back to the school. The junior classes walk was shorter than ours.

When we got back, we met Joanne O’Riordan and we asked her a few questions about herself.

Joanne showed us about our new school website. She showed us the dances and a song on the website as well as where to find things,  and we read a few articles. In addition to that, there was food set out for the pupils and parents.

In conclusion, I thought that it was a great day and that Joanne is really nice.

Adam Dineen, 5th class


On Monday morning, we had a sponsored walk to the Island Wood. It was over six miles long. We wanted to raise money for our school.

Firstly, we walked up the Kerry Road from our school. Then we had had to walk through the woods to get to The Island. Once we got near the wood, we stopped walking and started eating our lunch. Then we set off again and about 10 minutes later we arrived at the car park, took a break again and we got a drink from Eileen Higgins.

After that, we faced a journey home. It was a lot easier because all we had to do was walk down the Church Road and 15 minutes later we arrived at our school. Then we went to the gym and met Joanne O’ Riordan. Afterwards, we got sweets and we gave Joanne a few gifts.

In conclusion, I think the walk was a great success and we’ll do it again sometime.

Joey Heffernan, 5th class


On Monday morning we had a long, sponsored walk to the Island Wood to raise money for our school and the walk was over six miles long.

Firstly, we walked up to the Kerry Road and we walked through the woods to get to the Shreelawn Wood. Once we got near the Island Wood we stopped walking and we had our lunch. Then we set off again. Soon afterwards, we arrived in the Island Wood and we got something to drink. Two of our Green School committee members took water samples from the river Dalua to test the purity of the water.

Then, we faced the challenge of getting back to school. It was easier to get back to school; most of it was downhill. Firstly, we walked down the Island Road and by the time we got back to school, break was almost over.

In addition to that,we had a website launch, which Joanne O` Riordan presented. She showed everybody how the website worked. It was exciting and eventful. Afterwards, we got lots of sweets and drinks.

In my opinion, the walk was great fun and I would like to participate in it again next year.

Dylan Luke McCarthy Murphy, 5th Class


The Weekend

Hi. My name is Mikey Donovan and I will be writing about the weekend.
On Friday, I went to bingo in Rathmore with my brother, Steven, and his girlfriend, Nicole. The first game started at 8:30pm and ended at 10:00pm. There were 12 games altogether and the jackpot. I won €50 on the 3rd game!
On Saturday, Shane and I were drawing pencil from the quarry up to the yard. Shane was on the digger and I was on the dumper with my Dad.
This was the best weekend I had in a long time and hopefully I can do it again soon.

Mikey Donovan

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