Spain is a country in the south of Europe. Spain is a Mediterranean country.

Spain is 7.1 times the size of Ireland. The population is roughly 47 million. The capital is Madrid. Other big cities are Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia. The neighbouring countries are France, Portugal, Algeria and Morocco.

Spain speaks mainly Spanish which is their native language. The Spanish for Spain is Espana. Spanish is spoken all over the world because of the Spanish Empire. The main religion in Spain is Roman Catholics. 99 percent of the people practise it.

Spain is quite rocky which makes it very hard to farm animals. Only10 percent of the ground is suitable for farming animals because the ground is too rocky. Spain grows a lot of fruit and wine. They make more wine than France. They produce a lot of fruit such as olives and mandarins. They produce the most mandarins’ in the world because of there warm climate. The currency of Spain is the Euro which they adapted in 2001, before the Euro they had the Spanish Peseta.

The favourite pastimes are bull fighting and soccer. They have very famous soccer teams such as Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid and Barcelona. Bull fighting is popular in Spain but is very dangerous. The main industry is tourism they have massive resorts such as Mallorca, Ibiza, Tenerife, these are the main tourist attractions in Spain.

Spain is an outstanding country and I would love to go there when I am older and go on the beaches.



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