Spain is a country situated in the Iberian Peninsula in south Western Europe. It has a population of 47 million. The capital is Madrid. 97% of their population is Catholic and they have a Mediterranean climate.

 Spain’s neighboring countries are Andorra, France, Portugal and Morocco. Their main language is Spanish. It is also 7.1 times the size of Ireland. Spain is officially known as the kingdom of Spain. Consequently, the Spanish language is spoken in many areas of the world due to the early influence of the Spanish empire. Their currency is the Euro. Spain is one of the only countries in the world to be surrounded by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. Their government is parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The Prime Minister is Marion Rujoy. Their favourite pastimes are soccer, tennis, golf, having fiestas, they also love watching sports like bullfighting which is probably the most highly spectated sports in Spain, besides soccer. They also love going to festivals and dancing. Spain is a developed country with a high quality of life. The first humans arrived in Spain 32000 years ago. Spanish people drive on the right hand side of roads. Spain is a country of great culture and love their sports, therefore having many famous pots stars such as Fernando Alonso, Nadal, Xavi, Raul and many more. Spain also has a very successful soccer team and over the years dominating competitions. They are also home to probably the two most successful teams in the world Barcelona and Real Madrid. Also Spain are famous for their festivals, probably the most famous one is the running with the bulls, which takes place down the alleyways of Pampola. The other festivals include the tomato festivals. In addition they also like watching bull fighting. Spain also has a large agricultural background and are one of the largest exporters in the world for foods like grapes, tomatoes and oranges. One of Spain’s main industries is tourism and Islands such as Majorca and the Canary Islands. Mainly because of the weather and theme parks. Spain’s largest mountain is the Teide and the largest river is the Tagus.

In my opinion I think Spain is a great country.

by,Dylan Reidy,rang6

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