Show & Tell 2

On left: “My toy is called ‘Pop goes Froggio’. You have to go fish words that match. When you find words that match you get to keep them, and you get to pop Froggio into the air and catch him!”

Another infant who did Show & Tell:

“My name is Calum Cronin. I have a safe. I like to open it
and I keep stuff in it so my brother can’t get them!
There is a secret code on it.”

On right: “My favourite toys are my dinosaurs. I got them from my Nana. I like dinosaurs because I can play with them and move their jaws.”

Another infant who told his story:
“My name is Cathal O’Riordan. My favourite toy is my laptop. I like to play games on it. My brother loves it too.”


On left:
 “This is my dinosaur and he is my favourite toy because he spits his tongue out and he can bite.”

Other infants who loved to talk about their favourite:
“My name is Eoin Goggin. My favourite toy is my farm set. I can open the gates and I can put animals in the fields. I play with it in my room.”

I have a Bat quad. When you press on it, Batman shoots out! I got it from Symths with a voucher.


My favourite is my tractor.

My favourite toy is my Nintendo. I play Mario 3D Land on it. You can do some colouring and writing on it too.



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