School Tour

Our School Tour

‘I really liked the potato cubes and the chicken goujons and I also really liked the pedal boats. I’d like to go again this weekend and I would like to have my birthday party there next year.’ Matthew, Second Class.

‘My favourite thing was the treasure hunt and looking for fish. I’d give it 10/10.’ Kevin, First Class.

‘My favourite part of the tour was the pedal boats and I think that this tour was the best one so far.’Joe, First Class.

‘My favourite part of the tour was the pond dipping because you got to see lots of different types of insects and creatures, I would give it a 9/10.’
Adam, Second Class.

We visited the Tralee Wetlands Bay Centre in Co. Kerry on our school tour. We left school at 9am and Johnny was our bus drivers name.  We went through Ballydesmond and Castleisland and it took an hour to get there. At the centre we went pond dipping with a net and we caught insects, tadpoles and fish.
We went on the pedal boats on the specially designed lake and it was great. We also went on a scavenger hunt and we had to hunt for clues. We climbed loads of steps to the top of the lighthouse and it was very high. We went on a mammal search and we saw field mice and voles. We learned that voles are not native to Ireland and they escaped from a ship that came from France and are now all over Ireland. We saw swans, geese and grey herons.
We got lovely chicken goujons and potato cubes to eat with cloudy orange or Ribena.
On the way home, some people told stories and some people slept. We would definitely like to go back to visit again in the future.

You can visit the Wetlands website here:

Rang I &  Rang  II

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