Romeow and Drooliet

Romeow and Drooliet

Once upon a time there were three brothers who were cats and they belonged to the Feleeny family. Their names were Romeow, Benny and Marky. Benny and Marky liked to go looking for trouble, but Romeow was looking for love.

One day Marky saw a poster about a fancy dress party and they decided to go. That night they dressed up and went to the party together. But, the party was on in the Barkers House and the Barkers were all dogs! Romeow say a beautiful lady dancing at the party and he fell in love with her straight away. Her name was Drooliet and she was a dog. They started dancing together. Then Turbo the big, cross dog  chased Romeow the cat away. He didn’t want Romeow and Drooliet to be together.

But Romeow and Drooliet still wanted to be together and so they decided to get married. The following morning Monsignor Mouse married the couple and afterwards they went for a walk in the park. While they were walking a big, black shadow came out of nowhere. It was Turbo! And he was not happy. He started fighting with Romeow. While they were fighting Pet Control drove up in a van, caught Romeow and put him into the van to take him to the pet pound. Drooliet was so sad that she ran off down the street.

Pet control drove to the pet pound and when they got there he opened the doors to let Romeow out. Romeow saw Drooliet across the street. Drooliet ran across the street to the van but she never looked for traffic and she got knocked down. Romeow ran over to her and started to lick her face, ears and paws. Suddenly Drooliet opened her eyes; she was alive!!

Romeow had given Drooliet one of his nine cat lives.


This story taught us that we should always look left and right for traffic when we are crossing the road.


By Junior and Senior Infants




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